Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the day started out good. hehe. =D there was a reporting in our Theo class by Eunice and Joanne's group. the funny thing was, there was an Earthquake Drill kaninag 9am and we have to wait for the bell to start ringing as a signal of the start of the drill. hehe =D when the bell rang, we were all excited. haha =D it seems that it was just a game or something. =p we were asked to go under the desk to protect our heads and guess what, we really did that. we were all laughing coz we looked stupid that time. haha =D i enjoyed it, though. the laughters were really loud, just like we were playing games. but the yucky part there was about our desk. we found out that there were lots of chewing gums under our desk. haha =D it was funny.

we had a quiz in Histo and Philo. =D and we also had a surprise quiz in Logic. the heck!!! = i find the quiz kinda easy coz you just have to find out the output of the program. it was Set A and Set B. the sad thing was, almost all of us were wrong because of that d*mnsh*t row column thingy. =D i was really upset. haaaay. = well, it was ten or nothing and that means i woulnd't get any score at all. = i got the right answer naman but we were all confused about that row column. kainis!!!

cramming mode talaga ako. lots of school stuffs to accomplish and to sum it all:
Theo ~ report [wednesday]
Database ~ assignment + quiz [friday]
Logic ~ project 4-6 [monday]
Rizal ~ website
Philo ~ examples of fllacy [monday]
Physics ~ practical test [tomorrow]
Physics ~ take home quiz [tuesday]
English ~ term paper [thursday]

oh my goodness!!! i need lots of energy to accomplish all of these.