Saturday, September 23, 2006

i slept late last night, around 12am, i guess coz i made the Chapter 4 of that d*mn term paper in English. the sad part was i haven't finished it yet. gosh!!! supposedly, Kath and i will finish the term paper yesterday but because it was so traffic yesterday, we arrived late. she first summarized the survey and i was adding some words to the Chapter 1 to make it 12 pages. hehe. =D but since, Kath will be going back to Bataan pa, i decided to let her go na xe late na. i told that i'm going to text her today so that she can OL. then, i typed some informations about Jose Rizal for the website that we are doing as part of the requirement in our Rizal subject.

i woke up early to finish our Chapter 4 and i asked Kath to make Chapter 5 and i'm going to do, as well and then, we'll just combine our ideas. =D hopefully, we could finish this by the end of the day. i still have report in Theo on wednesday and i take home quiz in Physics. good thing, i finished my assignment in Philo. =D haaaay!!! i'm so worn out. i need some rest. my right arm is aching already coz i've been typing and typing since yesterday and until now, maybe till mamaya pa to. waaah =

since Dyei was asking about the gift they gave me on my last birthday. she haven't seen it pa xe eh. the name of it is Juliana because they use to tease me using that name. hehe. =D so i decided to take a picture of it using my digicam. here are the pics. just click the image to enlarge it.



tomorrow will be Dyei's birthday. she will be turning seventeen. =D "dyei, can you please take a picture of that dog you are talking about in your new blog. i wanna see it." advance happy birthday Dyei.