Friday, September 1, 2006


i went to the colegio not so early. the usual time is 12.00 and i arrived at around 11.30 and no one's there except for ARNIE. he borrowed my phone and texted NIKO whose been in the ITC with the rest of the boys. i didn't come with him not knowing that DYEI and EUNICE were there. i wasn't informed AGAIN that the boys will be playing that morning. well, if i knew naman, i will not watch pa din naman eh. haha. =D i waited there for about 15 minutes till KATH came and followed by the others. our prof came already but the door was locked that's why he left us again and find the guard but fortunately, the key was missing. hehe. =D so, meaning, no classes and he just gave us an assignment to be passed on monday. he just checked the attendance.

no plans of going to MALL OF ASIA talaga. but then, the block decided to go there. i, together with DYEI, EUNICE, KATH, JOANNE, CHA, GIAN, REX, IAN, JL, MARCO and ARNIE went there. NIKO and JEQ weren't able to come with us for no reason. anywei, un nga, we just walked and walked and then ate at MCDO. =D we wasted so much time there. we just talked and of course, picture-taking. hehe. =D after nun, we went out coz the guys decided to buy first CD at CD-R KING.

then, the girls decided to go home. hinatid kami ng mga guys sa sakayan and we left the guys there. they wanted to stay there for a while pa eh. =D so tiring but fun. i really enjoyed it. =D