Thursday, August 31, 2006

i'm doing my KUBRADOR review right now. i was pissed off coz i deleted the review i made yesterday. = hmmmf. i'm so stupid. good thing, it wasn't that long. haaaay. i'm so damn stupid talaga. grrrrr. =

my PC really s*cks that's why i use my laptop all the time. my PC is so slow and i dunno why. ever since the motherboard of my PC was changed, it started acting like that and i hate it. hmmmf. = i don't know what happened to that why it was like that. anywei, i borrowed my classmate's CD so that i could format it right away. i lost mine xe eh.

special thanks to KATH for treating us kanina coz today is her 18TH BIRTHDAY. we ate at SHAKEY's. DYEI, EUNICE and i bought a surprise gift for KATH at BLUE MAGIC. it is a teddy bear. when we went back the the restau, they didn't see the gift. that's why, she was really surprised when she saw it. hehe. =D