Thursday, September 14, 2006

i was really sleepy when i entered the classroom. hehe. =D i slept late last night coz i help my cousin to do his powerpoint presentation in Theo. actually, he's so funny coz he's an IT student but he don't know how to make a PPT presentation. haha. =D patawa.

our English prof gave us time to research in the Library and in the Thesis Section for the Chapter 2 of our term paper. it was kinda annoying because i didn't find any materials related about my topic on the Thesis Section. = so, Kath and i just decided to go to the Lib and search there. luckily, we found related materials there. haaaay. = i'm so happy that our prof moved the submission to Tuesday. hehe. =D if approve, we are planning to go through the Library of different colleges and universities to find more sources. we just had a discussion on our Physics and a quiz on our Rizal.

tomorrow, we will be following the Thursday sched and we will be having classes on Saturday.

"THINE ICED will always be THINE ICED: no more, no less"