Monday, December 29, 2008

I don't have the strength to stay away from you, anymore. ~Edward Cullen, Twilight

For the first time since I-can't-remember-when, I will use Taglish in my post. Why? I don't know. I just want to use Tagalog and English. Perhaps, for a change.

Anyway, my last post was about the Fun Nights we had last December 17 and 18, 2008. I must say, I still have hangovers. In short, bitin ako, super. I dunno. Siguro, kailangan ko lang talaga yung mga ganung moments. Well, I have been very busy since last semester or rather, last year. Parang, that's my own way to unwind before Christmas vacation diba?

I know you've been there during my down moments like, thesis, seminar, sleepless nights, nakakapagod na trips, failures and all that. Talagang na-feel ko yung pagod sa dami ng workloads ko. And also, naging witness din kayo sa nakaka-windang kong lovelife. Teka, meron nga ba? Hahahaha :)

This year has been really a different year for me in a way na sobrang naging complicated siya at super daming issues yung na-experience ko for this year. Kaya talagang kakaiba yung year na ito for me.

The day after Arriba Fest, we had our OJT. So, I had to wake up early in the morning and fix myself. That same day, parang nagkaroon ng conflict between me and Niko. I don't want to detail much about it but it seemed hindi nya alam na bad trip ako sa kanya that time. Actually, until Sunday, I wasn't still in the mood to talk or communicate with him. It was about the incident happened that morning. So, that entire day, I wasn't talking to him talaga. And I didn't even say bye nung bumaba na ako ng train.

But Sunday evening, we were all good na. Though medyo nag-away pa din kami but eventually, he said sorry. Funny kaming dalawa noh? Hahahaha :) Actually sa kanya lang talaga ako naba-bad trip nang ganun. And I really don't know why. Tapos lagi ko siyang inaasar at inaaway but admittedly, lambing ko lang yun. Hahahah :D Well, lagi kaming ganun, parang aso't pusa. At sanay na sanay na ako, swear. Well, except dun sa na-bad trip talaga ako sa kanya 'cause that was below the belt.

Nothing much happened to me the past few days. Except for Christmas Eve. Hahaha :D I went online thinking that most of my friends were online too. I was totally wrong. Hahaha :D I quite expected that though. I know everyone was busy 'cause that was the day before Christmas. Ian instant messaged me. Ayun, todo chat kami. Kaka-miss din yun, in fairness. Kasi naman, after last semester, di na kami ganun ka-in touch. Eh kasi we were busy with our own business. Tapos when this semester started, hindi na kami ganun nagkikita because of our OJT. The text session was lessened also. But now, todo text ulit kami, actually, before Christmas vacation started pa nga eh. Todo chat kami till the clock strike at 12am. We greeted each other Merry Christmas, of course. Tapos, I ended the session at 1am kasi I had to attend the mass at 9:30am. Christmas Eve

Christmas Day was fun too. We attended the mass then visited my grandma. We had a simple lunch sa house. Picture taking, of course. My inaanaks came to get their gifts. Hahahaha :D Kids were everywhere. Kumita kaya sila? I don't know. In the afternoon, we had bunutan for the exchange gift sa New Year. We will have a family reunion which is also an annual event. We will be having games din. We will be having a blast on the 1st day of 2009. Green is the color, by the way. Happy Christmas

Year 2008 will soon end and it will still leave a big question mark in my life which I will surely bring on the Year of the Ox. Confusion still lives in me up to now. Haaaaaay. I just can't get enough of this. Parang hindi na natapos eh. Hopefully, everything will be settled na din before I graduate. I'm looking forward to a great year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's a wonder how love strikes you at the most unexpected time. And somehow, in some way, it disappears exactly at the moment you are ready to face it.

I really had a blast for two consecutive nights. Two unbelievable and incredible nights with friends. Actually, I wasn't supposed to go but hey, the plans changed and I didn't regret the fact that I attended though I only have a few hours of sleep.

December 17, 2008
IT Knights Out
Dolce, Tomas Morato

It was the most awaited event of all Information Technology, ACT and Digital Arts students of Letran. It was a somehow an IT Christmas Party organized by the Letran Information Technology Society and the Institute of Information Technology.

The day before, I wasn't really sure if I am going to attend the event or not because we have an OJT that same day. Joanne and I were planning of what to do which was either leave the office at lunch time or not to go to office at all. We were convincing and persuading Niko to come with us but he wasn't really sure coz he wanted to come to the office.

The morning of the 17th, I wasn't in the mood to go to the office and I don't know why. I took my breakfast and eventually, received text messages from Niko and Joanne about the plan. Since Niko woke up late, he didn't want to attend our duty so that he could also sleep longer. We were exchanging messages to finalize the decision and so, we settled on not attending our duty in the office. The three of us went back to sleep.

As soon as I woke up again, I asked my friends about their plan and all. Joanne was sure so as to Cha, Eunice, JL, Kath, Kel, Jhen and Gian. Niko was still undecided. I kept on forcing him to go with us but he was still having second thoughts. Our meeting place was at Park and Ride because JL brought his car. We were all dressed up and ready to party. It was around 7.30pm when we arrived at Dolce. We were all there except for Gian who didn't know how to get to the place though he was riding a cab. I thought he was all by himself but I was totally surprised to see Niko with him. Yeah, he did surprised me because I really thought he won't come.

It was around 8pm when we entered the bar. We looked for a place and got our food and drinks. I got a beer and an Iced Tea. Don't ask why. There were conflicts with the stub. I should have gotten two rounds of beer.

The party started with a program. The emcee was a gay and we felt like we were in a comedy bar. It was fun, absolutely fun. We enjoyed it because he was so funny. There was an awarding of the Best Dressed and Face of the Night. There was also a raffle where a friend of mine won a thousand bucks.

The much awaited part of the night finally came - Party Time. We were grooving and dancing enjoying every beat of the music being played. Dolce is one heck of a good place to have fun. We rocked the house down. The lights and sounds were perfect. It was so much better than Temple Bar where we held our IT Knights Out last year. What I don't like about Dolce is that their cocktail tables are everywhere, even at the middle. But all in all, it was good.

Of course, we captured every moment. It was tiring, though. We went out at 12mn and I was fetched by Daddy Carlo. It was one heck of a fun night. We will do that again soon.

December 18, 2008
Arriba Fest
Letran Grounds

I wasn't supposed to watch the annual Christmas concert in Letran because it wasn't part of my plan after all. But because some of my friends will watch and I know that it will going to be a super fun night, I decided to go.

Around 3pm when I left the house and headed not to Letran but to SM Manila to meet Niko. As soon as I arrived, I also saw Rey, they were playing PS2. I approached them and stayed there for a couple of minutes. I went out again to stroll and buy a dress for myself. I had an hour of walking and roaming trying to look for a perfect dress until I settled with a cute mini dress at Just G. The two boys met me at Watsons. We strolled then ate at Burger King.

We went to Letran to watch the concert. Taken by Cars, Paraluman, Rivermaya and Parokya ni Edgar were the bands who rocked the Letran Grounds. Christian Bautista was there also but we didn't get to see him perform. We were quite late. The DJ, by the way, is kinda cute.

I was with Niko, Joanne, Cha, Jhen, Alwyn, Kel, Jaja, Chester and some other batchmates. The best part, of course, was Parokya ni Edgar. The best performer ever. They really know how to keep the crowd high. I have gotten the chance to touch Vinci's arm. Hahaha ;D They sang six songs. It was super kaduper fun though it was bitin. We were still asking for some more. I also touched Gab's arm and able to hold Buwie's hand. Take note, holding hands. Hahahaha ;D I was also surprised and kilig. Until now, I can't get over it.

After the show, we decided to take a rest until we decided to go home. Today, we had our OJT and some of my friends are now having fun at Enchanted Kingdom.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Someone can make you feel that you are so special, but you'll never know if it's their habit to make everybody feel that way.

It has been a long and tiring week for me. I have experienced a hell yet fun week. Sounds ironic, ayt? The week that has passed is the number one reason of my lack of sleep and headaches.

Last Monday, as always, we went to PNB for our OJT together with Joanne and Niko. But we decided not to attend our class at 7.30pm due to laziness. That same day also, the boys had a game at Muñoz, near Rex's crib. That's why Joanne and I to cut the class because we knew that we will do nothing and we're oh so right.

Last Tuesday, we had a meeting for the Interschool Digital Arts Competition organized by the Letran Microsoft Certified Professionals Club where I am the Vice President. The plan wasn't finalized yet and there were some things that are needed to be done. I'm not part of the Marketing Committee but ended up being a part of it after helping my friends with the layout of the tarpaulin that we will be using for the event. Yeah, I did the design though at first, I didn't want to reveal that I was the one who did that because I thought I'll be receiving negative feedback from my batchmates and professors, as well. Good thing, I didn't and in fact, they loved it.

Last Wednesday was a super fun day for the Three-O (Cez, Joanne and Niko). We had a lunch out with our bosses. Yeah, we've got a free lunch courtesy of our four bosses and two of their friends. Actually, they informed us about that lunch out last Monday and the three of us were like "do we need to go there?" because we were hesitant to come with them. Of course, they are the bosses and we're just the mere trainees. So, we were discussing that we're going to decline the invitation and just reason out. But we were not able to do that. Our mouth remained shut after one of our bosses told us that we should follow her to the parking area in the basement. We were like robots who followed her without any word. So there, we ate at Seaside just near our office. Lots and lots of seafoods to choose from.

At first, we were hesitant to get foods and they were asking us what we want and all. But eventually, we find ourselves tasting all the foods served. We ate a lot and I felt how big my stomach was that time. We were full, actually but they were convincing us to eat more which we can't reject. Hahaha :) They also ate more than what we ate. Our bosses were really noisy and loud. We didn't expect it from them. It was like the entire restaurant were full of people when in fact, there were actually three tables occupied. Laughters were everywhere. And swear, it was one hell of a fun afternoon with the bosses.

Last Thursday, we were all busy preparing for the event this coming Tuesday. We had our pictorial for the tarpaulin welcoming the delegates. It was super kaduper fun. We were all hyper including our professors. We were doing weird poses and we only had a number of formal shots. Most of the pictures were wacky. Hahaha :) Afterwhich, we went to the IIT to fix all the things needed for the event including the invitation and the posters. Only few were working and that includes me, Joanne, Niko, Marco and Chester. I asked them about the other officers whereabouts and I received nothing. In fact, Joanne, Niko and Marco and not officers of the organization but they are very much willing to help us out.

We failed to attend our class at 4.30pm where we had a quiz. Good thing, our professor was kind enough to allow us to take the exam before the next class's schedule since our class was dismissed early. After taking the not-so difficult quiz, Niko, Marco and Chester went to Chester's house to transfer the pictures from Chester's digicam and then later on, went to Vito Cruz for the tarp. As to Joanne and I, we went to SM Manila to buy envelopes for the invitation. We also bought pizza (double delight) courtesy of Mam Abbie.

We were waiting for an hour and a half at IIT because the boys told us that they'll meet us there. Until I received a call from Marco telling us to go to SM Manila because we'll eat. And we had a free dinner at KFC courtesy of Marco. How I wish that Marco is always stress so he would always treat us. Hahaha :D After that, Niko went to our house to finish the layout of the other tarp. He was here for two hours with full of asaran and tawanan. Hays. We were too loud. He went home at 12am.

Yesterday, after attending our OJT, Three-O met Marco at Jollibee-Vito Cruz to claim the tarp. We had a call from Sir Armin asking us to go to Abas in Quirino. We went there and we were surprised that it was a bar. Sir Armin, Mam Abbie and Sir Robby treated us for a dinner. Oh yeah, three consecutive days. Joanne and I saw a lot of handsome and hot guys there. We're going back there, for sure. After the dinner, we went back to Letran then decided to go home.

Today, I had my parish exposure at Immaculate Conception Parish where I rendered three hours. I'll go back next Saturday coz I had to accomplish 18 hours. All I did was face the computer and encoded. And I am very much fine with it. This afternoon, we went to the hospital to visit my grandpa. He might go out on Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow, I'll be attending a Christening where I will be one of the ninangs. But mom and I need to go to Tutuban, 168 and Divi first.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I wish normal people have a heart that vampires do. Once they fall in love, they never fall out of love.

The Dream Match is finally over. So much preparations were made not only by Manny Pacquiao and Oscar dela Hoya but also those people who were really anxious and eager to know the outcome of the much awaited match-up. It was indeed the most awaited one because two great boxers were up for a challenge. But in any match-up, only one is expected to win and this time, it was Manny Pacquiao who won the classic battle.

Oh well, I wasn't really excited with that match-up. As a matter of fact, I didn't talk about it that much. It wasn't as loud as the previous matches of Manny. Perhaps, because many boxing analysts predicted that Oscar would surely win and the Philippine's pride was the underdog. Yet, the turn of events was really unexpected. Manny did great and it was really evident. I, myself, didn't expect that he would be in his best. It was a great match, a legendary one, in fact.

I wasn't able to watch Karylle singing the Philippine National Anthem so I can't critic her now. My brother was changing the TV's channel that time so we missed that part. It wasn't really a big deal, after all.

Anyway, Christmas is just few days away and I can really feel the holiday season. The cold weather seems to be obvious especially during the night time. I'm still not prepared in a way that I haven't bought presents for my friends and that there are a lot of things that I need to buy. But I know the Christmas season is not about that but admit it, it is really a part of it. Yeah, I am excited in a way that it is a much-awaited annual event. I just can't deny the fact that I'm quite sad because I miss my dad so much. How I wish he is here to celebrate Christmas with us.

Aside from that, IT Night is confirmed. I don't know if my friends would come but I really want to. It isn't required for Seniors to go this time but you know, I really wanna go. It is something that I'm really looking forward to. I'm not a Party Animal but it is something that I really enjoy doing. So, if one of my friends would attend the event, I will surely come.

Three-O is planning to have a Baguio Trip once our OJT is done. That's the trip that I would really love to join but my problem is money. Hopefully, I could save money for that trip. Well, we haven't finalized it yet since we still need to look for a place to stay and if ever that day would come, only three of us are sure. I just wish Chillax would come with us if not, Niko's friends will also do. Hahaha :D

Guys, please help me decide on what to buy. Since I want a digital camera as a graduation gift, I am still undecided between DSC-T77 and DSC-T700. Both are Sony Cybershot cameras. At first, I really want the latter but after I have read the Specifications for both cameras, I am now thinking twice. Though T700 has a better design, T77 weighs lighter and smaller plus it is less expensive too. So, now, what do you think is the better one?

Still confused.