Monday, December 29, 2008

I don't have the strength to stay away from you, anymore. ~Edward Cullen, Twilight

For the first time since I-can't-remember-when, I will use Taglish in my post. Why? I don't know. I just want to use Tagalog and English. Perhaps, for a change.

Anyway, my last post was about the Fun Nights we had last December 17 and 18, 2008. I must say, I still have hangovers. In short, bitin ako, super. I dunno. Siguro, kailangan ko lang talaga yung mga ganung moments. Well, I have been very busy since last semester or rather, last year. Parang, that's my own way to unwind before Christmas vacation diba?

I know you've been there during my down moments like, thesis, seminar, sleepless nights, nakakapagod na trips, failures and all that. Talagang na-feel ko yung pagod sa dami ng workloads ko. And also, naging witness din kayo sa nakaka-windang kong lovelife. Teka, meron nga ba? Hahahaha :)

This year has been really a different year for me in a way na sobrang naging complicated siya at super daming issues yung na-experience ko for this year. Kaya talagang kakaiba yung year na ito for me.

The day after Arriba Fest, we had our OJT. So, I had to wake up early in the morning and fix myself. That same day, parang nagkaroon ng conflict between me and Niko. I don't want to detail much about it but it seemed hindi nya alam na bad trip ako sa kanya that time. Actually, until Sunday, I wasn't still in the mood to talk or communicate with him. It was about the incident happened that morning. So, that entire day, I wasn't talking to him talaga. And I didn't even say bye nung bumaba na ako ng train.

But Sunday evening, we were all good na. Though medyo nag-away pa din kami but eventually, he said sorry. Funny kaming dalawa noh? Hahahaha :) Actually sa kanya lang talaga ako naba-bad trip nang ganun. And I really don't know why. Tapos lagi ko siyang inaasar at inaaway but admittedly, lambing ko lang yun. Hahahah :D Well, lagi kaming ganun, parang aso't pusa. At sanay na sanay na ako, swear. Well, except dun sa na-bad trip talaga ako sa kanya 'cause that was below the belt.

Nothing much happened to me the past few days. Except for Christmas Eve. Hahaha :D I went online thinking that most of my friends were online too. I was totally wrong. Hahaha :D I quite expected that though. I know everyone was busy 'cause that was the day before Christmas. Ian instant messaged me. Ayun, todo chat kami. Kaka-miss din yun, in fairness. Kasi naman, after last semester, di na kami ganun ka-in touch. Eh kasi we were busy with our own business. Tapos when this semester started, hindi na kami ganun nagkikita because of our OJT. The text session was lessened also. But now, todo text ulit kami, actually, before Christmas vacation started pa nga eh. Todo chat kami till the clock strike at 12am. We greeted each other Merry Christmas, of course. Tapos, I ended the session at 1am kasi I had to attend the mass at 9:30am. Christmas Eve

Christmas Day was fun too. We attended the mass then visited my grandma. We had a simple lunch sa house. Picture taking, of course. My inaanaks came to get their gifts. Hahahaha :D Kids were everywhere. Kumita kaya sila? I don't know. In the afternoon, we had bunutan for the exchange gift sa New Year. We will have a family reunion which is also an annual event. We will be having games din. We will be having a blast on the 1st day of 2009. Green is the color, by the way. Happy Christmas

Year 2008 will soon end and it will still leave a big question mark in my life which I will surely bring on the Year of the Ox. Confusion still lives in me up to now. Haaaaaay. I just can't get enough of this. Parang hindi na natapos eh. Hopefully, everything will be settled na din before I graduate. I'm looking forward to a great year.