Friday, December 29, 2006

we had some gimmick last night. last night because its already 12.15am. hehe :D i spent my entire night with my cousins on my dad's side. i don't know why all of a sudden, they informed us about the dinner. it was our bonding moment so that we will stay intact and as close as possible. i, together with Kuya Ojie, Ej and Jasper left the house at exactly 6pm and rode an LRT on the way to Gil Puyat because Kuya Jen and Ate Alex fetch us there. we went to Dampa at Pasay. while the others went to the market to buy the foods, we, on the other hand, stayed on the restaurant. when they arrived, we had some chatting and of course, picture taking. hehe :D the foods arrived at around 9pm and i love all the foods served. haha :p they were all delicious and so yummy. next time, i would bring my parents there. before we went home, we dropped by at Starbucks. i had a Mocha Frap. picture-taking again then, had some kulitan, then went home. i'm tired already so i guess, i have to go to bed na. Good Night, Morning to everyone. hehe :D

Thursday, December 28, 2006

i spent most of this day at SM San Lazaro with my mom and cousins. would you believe that my favorite cousin, Kuya Ojie, will be with us at the mall, shopping? well, coz i believe that guys tend to get bored easily that's why i was quite surprised that Kuya Jie wasn't that bored at all. because we are all required to wear Green Top on New Year, he bought a Green Shirt at Folded and Hung. as for me, i also bought a Green Top at Cinderella. i also bought a boxer shorts at Bench Body as an Exchange Gift for Kuya Roy. sorry but i can't think of a good gift and i took my cousin's suggestion. hehe. :D my mom bought a Green Shirt for Ej, my bro's exchange gift for Ate Janis, a bear for Camille and a pair of slippers for Cha-cha. i was the one who made our shopping time that long because i really couldn't think of a nice gift for Kuya Roy. at first, i thought of a Bench Fix Gel but the price is too much then, i thought of a shirt but Kuya Jie rejected the idea because Kuya Roy used to wear branded shirts. then, Kuya Jie came up with Boxer shorts and that's what i bought. after a long walk, we ate and went home.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

this is me with my mom and brother taken last Christmas '06.
i just miss my dad so much. can't wait to see him again. haaaay.

Monday, December 25, 2006

i'm not in my crib right now. my mom and i visited my grandma here in Las PiƱas. yesterday, like all of you, my family waited for the clock to turn to 12am as a sign of welcoming Jesus Christ as he comes into this world. we had our Noche Buena. i really love the hot chocolate of my Lola. so yummy!!! and how i wish, there's still hot choco till tomorrow. hehe :D we slept at around 1.30am. i woke up at 8am. i, together with my mom and bro attended the 9.30am mass. we had our lunch at my grandma's house but she wasn't there because she's in LP. we stayed there for a couple of hours and then, went back home. we had some picture taking. maybe, i'll upload the pics as soon as i come back home. i just asked my cousin to let me use her PC and here i am, surfing the net and updating my blog. i just don't know what time we will be going back. anyway, we will have exhchange gifts on New Year and right now, they are making the drawlots for it. the gift should be worth 200php. we are all required to wear Green shirt and i don't have any shirt of that color and so, i will buy.

thanks for all the people who greeted me Merry CHRISTmas. :D loveyou guys. end this up. just a short one for now.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

i didn't seem to notice that Christmas is 3 days away from us. i'm not that excited unlike before because i don't feel glad. half of me feels bad, sad and empty. i wanna cry but i can't coz i don't want them to see me crying. i don't like them to worry about me. everytime problems come our way, i'm always the very first person to cry. its just that i don't know how to feel. i really feel the pain and now, i'm feeling it again. so many changes now. this is the very first Christmas that i'm like this. but this will be my second New Year feeling sad. remember, we had a problem before about my dad and i knew it just 2 days before New Year that made my New Year horrible. and here it is again, by this time, both two special events in the world will be part of it. i can't help but cry. i just hope to overcome all of these.

i already finished doing my Hum project. next in line is Visual Basic and hopefully, i can finish it before New Year comes. i've been busy learning Photoshop CS2 and all i can say is i'm so stupid for not knowing how to use such software. i hate myself for that. but i know in time, i could learn using it. but as of now, i'm in the learning process.

i just hope that you'll have a joyful Christmas with your family.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

just this afternoon, i received my PDA, no actually, its OUR PDA. Ej and i will be sharing with that PDA for the rest of our lives. no, just kidding. but its ours talaga. i need to make a schedule for it. together with the PDA is the CD/installer that i've been longing for. it is the installer of the Adobe Photoshop CS2. i'm excited to use it.

by the way, want some PERFUME?? you can buy to me. some perfumes are D&G, Tommy Girl, Lacoste and a lot more. don't worry, this is REAL. i'm not joking or anything. you can trust me. i just asked my dad about the price but he hasn't replied. i'll just update you about it. and i'll be taking pictures of it so you could see how big it is.

here's a shot of the PDA. it is ETEN G500
for full specifications, just click the link ETEN G500

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And The Answer Is ... a Nugget

After more than a week of shopping, the Denver Nuggets bought themselves a last-minute holiday gift: the league's second-leading scorer and 2001 NBA MVP, Allen Iverson.

The Nuggets have agreed to a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers, sending Iverson out west in exchange for point guard Andre Miller, forward Joe Smith and two first round picks in the 2007 NBA Draft. The Nuggets also receive forward Ivan McFarlin in the trade.

Iverson, who has not suited up for the Sixers since requesting a trade from the team that drafted him No. 1 overall in 1996, is averaging 31.2 points and 7.3 assists in 15 games this season.

The move leaves many wondering if there are enough basketballs to go around in Denver now that the Nuggets have the top two scorers in the league. Iverson (31.2 ppg), however, would be in action without Carmelo Anthony (31.5 ppg) until at least Jan. 20. Anthony was suspended on Monday for 15 games for his role in Saturday's altercation in New York.

"We need another scorer," Denver's Marcus Camby told the Denver Post earlier this week. "We need a guy that can complement 'Melo. That would be crazy to have them two here, the one and two scorers in the league. (Iverson's) a guy that can fit into our offense running up and down the court."

When both finally suit up as teammates, they should find their share of shots in George Karl's high-octane offense. The Nuggets rank first overall in the league in field goals attempted per game (85.2) and put more points on the board (108.8) than any team outside of the Phoenix (110.6).

The teams meet for the first time since the trade when the Sixers travel to Denver on Jan. 2, 2007.

Fantasy Impact

Allen Iverson was the show in Philadelphia. Period. He has been for several years. The offense was Allen Iverson, and the ball was owned by AI. He did distribute, and make no mistake that Allen Iverson made his teammates better, but the offense was built around and flowed through him. What will happen in Denver?

I like what happens to Iverson's value in Denver. He owns the ball, and I fully expect him to own the ball in Denver as well. As much as Carmelo will want the rock, AI is the point guard. Unless Anthony or George Karl pry the ball out of Iverson's cold, dead hands, he'll dominate the ball. It also helps that the Nuggets play an up-tempo transition offense. Even though Iverson will inevitably concede more than he is used to, he will still score, and I expect him to continue to approach the 30-point number. And considering he will be passing more in a high scoring offense will only help his assist totals. The steals may inevitably suffer, but overall I expect good things to come out of this move for Iverson.

I am not as excited about Carmelo Anthony's prospects. This was his team and the offense flowed through Carmelo. He also handled the ball more than you would expect for a small forward. Now, the ball will be in Iverson's hands and whether or not Carmelo gets his typical looks will be entirely up to the point guard. Also, Iverson gets to establish himself as the man for 14 games while Carmelo sits out his suspension. All the more difficult to try and get Iverson to switch his game.

Some people will try to tell you that this trade helps both players and you can expect much of the same in terms of scoring. It's simply not possible. Someone will suffer when it comes to scoring numbers, and the first person in line will be Anthony. Instead of 31 points per game, a more reasonable expectation going forward will be 24. His assist and rebounding totals, however, should take a slight bump as Iverson will demand the rock in scoring situations (more assists) and Iverson will hoist up plenty of errant shots (more offensive rebounds).

** Finally, Allen Iverson found a new home in Denver Nuggets. He will be teaming-up with Denver's star player, Carmelo Anthony. But with Carmelo's absence, will AI reclaim the title for the league's top scorer? Let's watch Iverson playing for the Nuggets.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

today is the last day of school in Letran. my Girl Friends decided to celebrate our "Christmas Party" today. not the literal Christmas Party ha. i reached the Colegio at around 10.15am and stayed in the CR for a while. Jhen texted me and fetch me in the CR. we walked for a while then stayed at the Catwalk. Eunice and Kath arrived already then we went to the Canteen to buy some drinks but unfortunately, there were no available drinks. instead of going back to the Catwalk, we stayed in the Garden near La Cantina. when we were waiting for Cha, each one of us gave the gifts already to one another. we went to SM Manila particularly McDonald's. we just waited for Cha to arrive then we ordered food and ate. after eating, we did the Exchange Gifts thingy. i received a pair of Pink Slippers from Eunice. and i love it.

i love this poem by Alarie Tennille. this is actually written together with the bracelet that Joanne gave me.

In today's hectic world,
it's a real pleasure to find
a friend like you...
someone who is so thoughtful,
tranquil and focused.
Just being with you calms me.
You're a rare kind of listener...
you give your full attention
and sympathize with all your heart.
That is a special talent.
I'm grateful for the quiet way
you slipped into my life,
bringing deep friendship, love
and support.

gifts.. gifts.. for exchange gifts

the gifts i received. still wrapped.

unwrapped gifts i received

the pink slippers Eunice gave me.

from Eunice also.

the Sakura Card given by Dyei. and a letter too.
Dyei sometimes call me Aviona.

the bracelet Joanne gave me.

Monday, December 18, 2006

i went to school early but reached the Colegio kinda late. good thing, we didn't have classes today. our professors just checked the attendance and dismissed us right away. instead of doing non-sense things, we just took pictures of us since i brought my DigiCam. a project slash Quiz was given by my Hum prof and i'll start doing it as soon as i finished doing things online. we didn't attend the Bingo Social this afternoon though we have the cards already. Kath and Joanne just volunteered that they will go and that's why we gave the cards to them. got home at 1pm. tomorrow will be the last day. we'll be wearing civilian.

here are some of the pics taken this morning. hope you'll like it.

more pics???

Sunday, December 17, 2006

another tiring day for me. i woke up at 8am to attend the mass at 9.30am. actually, i don't have enough sleep last night coz i watched the Grand Dream Night of Pinoy Dream Academy. the show ended pass 1am, i guess. Yeng won the title. i together with my mom, auntie and cousins went to Divisoria at 2pm to buy gifts. i already bought my Exchange Gift and my gifts to my friends. one thing to describe Divi right now, it is JAMPACKED. as in. super duper. we went home just now, 5pm. right now, i'm eating Spaghetti. yummy!!! it's my favorite.

sorry if i'll be posting short posts starting tomorrow coz i'm not in the mood eh. i just want to cry and cry to you know, bring out the pain inside me. it is something that i don't know how to accept. i already said it that once i knew that it will not be happening, i will surely cry and that's what i did yesterday. i cried and cried. i'm just hoping na matuloy yun next year because it is one of my dreams. i'm crossing my fingers starting now. "God, please make that happen. please ease the problems that we're encountering right now. i do believe in you."

Saturday, December 16, 2006

just a quick post for today.
i woke up at 7am because my dry cough really disturbed me. amf!!!
i took my lunch and opened my PC. finally, my PC is working well already. thanks to Daddy Carlo.
i was busy playing McDonald's when all of a sudden, nag-brownout. it was so annoying.
i, together with my mom, bro, auntie and cousins went to SM Manila for last minute shopping.
i already bought the dress i saw last time at Just G. i thought i won't be able to buy it but i was just so lucky.
we ate at McDonald's.
we went home at 6pm.
when we arrived, it was still brownout and the power just came back at 9.15pm. how long?! watta crap?!

anywei, i'm freakin SAD right now. and i don't know when can i say that i'm HAPPY. i just don't know how to smile and i hate pretending that i'm okay.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

i had 10.30am class today but luckily, our prof came at 12noon. hehe :D nice!!! we had to wait for an hour and a half. we had some discussion about AC Ohm's Law. but the good thing was, we will have an additional 5 points on our Midterm Exam. before we went to our next class, Dyei, Eunice and Joanne accompanied me in getting my ticket on the Car Show entitled Hustle & Flow at 6pm because they got theirs already. we had a quiz on our SAD class. kinda inspired. haha :D something fun happened. haha :P we didn't consume the entire time because after the quiz, we were free to go. we decided to just stayed in the room and review for our VB quiz. after that, we checked the cars that were set-up in the grounds and we were like WOW!!! we ate for a while and we took our quiz in VB. we are so glad for getting passing remarks. yes!!! when the clock striked at 6pm, we hurriedly went to the grounds to see those beautiful and amazing cars and motorcycles there. not only Letranites were free to display their cars, but also those outsiders. one of the most successful events organized by the Student Council. if you're there, you will be stunned with those cars and motorcycles. so pretty. i envy them. haha :D how i wish i would own a car that astonishing. :D bad thing, we were not able to take pictures of those because we were hesitant too coz there were so many people. the show will end at 9pm.

how funny that we used to forget our special day. hehe:D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


we had a parade this morning. most of us were wearing Red Shirt because according to them we were required to but i saw lots of students who were wearing shirts of different colors. anywei, after the parade, there was a program. and guess what?? no classes but we need to sign for the attendance. so, we attended our Networking class and our prof was so nice that he let us used the Internet. hehe :D we were talking ang laughing then. we just played games online. it was fun. :P we just had an attendance in our IRM and then we went home.

tomorrow, we will be wearing civilian again and it will be a regular class day despite of the celebration of the College Week. we will have a quiz on VB and i hope i could pass it.

here are some of the pics taken during our break.

more pics??

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i wasn't late because i was with Daddy Carlo on the way to the school. :D when i reched the Gym, i was quite surprised coz i didn't see any of the three girls i used to be with. i'm pertaining to Dyei, Eunice and Joanne. :D i just went directly to the CR without minding the people there. haha :D as if i care. then, we started changing into PE Uniforms. we went up to the room and we just talked and laughed. until our prof came. to our surprised, he told us that we have to recite the Letran Magpakailanman because the varsities were using the Gym and the Elem students were using the grounds. so we ended up having a recitation. but fortunately, we did a good job. yehey!!! :P after the recitation, we had some games courtesy of Sir. haha :D Pauso. hehe :P the first game was Seven-Up while the other was Basketball/Volleyball. it was fun, actually. we all enjoyed it and most of us were asking for more but since, it was time already, we were dismissed. :D another boring topic during my Physics class. i was really sleepy kasi eh because as you all know, i watched the Amazing Race Finale last night. Go Tyler and James!!! we had some discussion about the Practical Applications of Ohm's Law, then a break, then an activity. :/ our prof in SAD was absent again and we just had an attendance at the IIT. :D actually, we stayed for a couple of minutes in the office of the IIT and then, some of my classmates went to somewhere while Dyei, Eunice and i went to the catwalk. but before that, we stayed for a while in front of IIT'S Office as if we were waiting for someone. haha :D

right now, we are here at CLAB again. still killing the time for the next class. i don't want to attend my VB class but i have to do. :( i was sleepy kasi eh and i need some rest. tomorrow, there will be a parade at 7:00 in the morning and our Theo prof required us to join. we have to wear either Red shirt or PE Uniform. still undecided on what i should wear because i only had one Red Shirt and i just used my PE Uniform a while ago. hopefully, no classes tomorrow. haha :D

Monday, December 11, 2006


After the Teams took a thrilling skydive over Normandy, France, dating couple Rob & Kimberly had the race nearly won by booking the earliest flight to New York alone until models Tyler & James got on the plane at the last moment. In the Big Apple, an E-Z Pass through a tollbooth made all the difference as Tyler & James left Rob & Kimberly in the dust to claim the one million dollar prize as winners of THE AMAZING RACE.

** i'm so happy that models Tyler/James won the Amazing Race 10. :P actually, this is the second time that my favorite team won, first was the Linz Family. :D they are deserving. i really love this team from the very start and i admit, i got a crush on James Branaman but Tyler Denk has a more gorgeous body. haha :D

Saturday, December 9, 2006

tonight is the Performance Night for the Philippine Idol and tomorrow night, the first Philippine Idol will be named. :P i'm so excited but on the other hand, i'm worried that Jan Nieto might won and i hate that. i still accept if Mau will win but if Jan, i'll not support him and that's for sure. i'm still expecting that people will vote for Gian Carlo Magdangal. he's the total package and a total performer. :D anywei, whoever wins, i still don't care. haha :D but if Gian will be named as the first Philippine Idol, i'll support him all the way. actually, it came from the Judges' mouth that Gian is the only Idol Contestant who can compete with the other Idols around the world.

along with this, tonight also is the Expulsion Night for the Pinoy Dream Academy. two scholars will be eliminated and the Final Six will be named and those six will compete for the title on Saturday at Araneta Coliseum. and luckily, Chad Peralta is one of those Top Six and i'm happy for that. wooohoo!!! Go Chad!!! :D right now, the Top Six isn't complete yet. but i'm not interested anymore because i know Chad is safe. i'm looking forward to seeing Chad win the title. :D i know he can make it. but Yeng is such a tough competitor and i guess, people will surely vote for her. but i hope not. haha :D

i'm freakin SAD right now, actually, this morning pa lang. you know why?? Allen Iverson asks for a trade and that's not good. :( he will not be playing for the Philadelphia 76ers anymore. he played his last game against Chicago and they lose. according to the interview, he doesn't want to leave because he loves Philadelphia and he wants to retire a 76er still. but whatever team he will be going to play, i will support him. Go AI!!! :D

Friday, December 8, 2006

me and my bro

i just wanna greet my one and only brother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! today, he turns thirteen though it is not obvious. haha :P coz he looks older than me. LOL. anywei, no celebrations here but my grandma cooked Spaghetti. yummy!!! hehe :D i really love it. a while ago, i gave my gift for him. actually, i just bought that gift this morning coz i don't have classes today while he was in school.

anywei, this morning i went to my former school hoping that i could talk to the librarian but unfortunately, i wasn't able to talk to her. i forgot that today is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception and it is part of the tradition to organizae a procession. when my mom and i arrived at MCS, we were surprised to see the students who were getting ready for the parade-slash-procession. supposedly, my mom will pay for Camille's tuition and i, on the other hand, will talk to the librarian but unluckily, we didn't. i decided to go back there next week and hopefully, everything will be fine.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

i wasn't late kanina and it was good. but, it was still traffic in Divi but good thing, i left the house early and reached school earlier than expected. i just stayed for a while in the Comfort Room and went directly to my room. it is actually located in the 4th floor, that's why, i didn't hurry myself coz if i did, i would really gasping for air. haha :P no one was there except for my one guy classmate and the room was still in used by other section where my former blockmates belong. since, it was still early and the classroom was still in used, i decided to go to the CR again and went back. but still, the class wasn't yet finish. i just waited for a few minutes and their class was over. i had the chance to say hello to my friends there. we had some kulitan then they went down and i entered my room. as usual, we just had an Experiment during my Physics class. another discussion on my SAD class. though boring, i still felt good coz you know. hehe :P during the break, Eunice and i went to SM Manila while Dyei and Joanne stayed in the Colegio. Eunice bought CD on CD-R King and i looked for a dress there. on our way to school, we saw Jeq, Arnie, Rex, Gian, Ian, Kath, Cha, JL, Niko and Marco who were going towards SM. since it was too early, Eunice and i stayed in the Canteen for a while and decided to go to the room na. we just had a discussion on our VB class and did some exercises. then, dismissal time. hehe :P

i have to go to MCS tomorrow to inform the Librarian there about the approval of our topic which is their Library System. hopefully, the transcations will be successful since we had already passed the Chapter 1 of the Thesis. by the way, tomorrow will be Ej's Birthday and i can't think of a gift. i will be buying tomorrow, i guess. and i have to encouraged my mom to accompany me at SM Manila coz i have seen a nice dress there and i want to buy it as soon as possible.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

this day started out good. we had a Quiz on Theo and fortunately, i got good remarks. Dyei and i got the same scores. :P we had a Recitation on our Humanities class. of course, all of us were surprised because we were not informed about that. i have no idea about those Elements of Visual Arts. but good thing, he just gave me easy questions. actually, he called me two times and i answered both questions and it was great. hehe :P its Wednesday, and of course, we have to be at the Speech Laboratory. during my English class, we just had a recitation again. we were called one by one and asked to say the words written in the book and our voices were recorded. i just hope i did a great job. :D we had a Practice slash Review during my Networking class to prepare us for the upcoming Quiz on Monday. it will be a Practical and Group Quiz. bad thing, it will be random grouping. :(

just a short post for today. :) and by the way, i was just happy yesterday that i got good remarks on our first quiz in Visual Basic. :D

Monday, December 4, 2006

after a 4-day off, the classes resume and its not good. haha :P i had to wake up early because my first class was 7:30am. i didn't have enough sleep last night because i watched Philippine Idol and Pinoy Dream Academy. :D i'm crazy with Chad Peralta of PDA. i got a crush on him. he's cute, has a nice voice and a good dancer too. hehe :P after i saw him, i changed the channel right away to watch Philippine Idol. i want to see Gian Magdangal. he's my bet actually. among the three, he's the most deserving. but that is only my opinion. Mau's great and Jan really improved but overall, i'm rooting for Gian. he has everything, talent, versatility and good looks. what more can you ask for?

anywei, it was an unlucky morning for us because we had a Convocation. we actually didn't know it but according to Dyei, it was announced last Wednesday. maybe, i was just too busy that time that's why i didn't heard it. after the Convo, we went to our next class. by the way, the Convo lasted for about one and a half hour, consuming our first subject Theo. supposedly, we will have a long test on Theo but because of the Convo, it was cancelled. a blessing in disguise. haha :D we did nothing on our Humanities class. the representatives of our class for the Chorale just practiced with the help of our prof. i just wish them Good Luck. they aren't good kasi during the practice a while ago. the contest will be on Thursday afternoon and according to our prof, we are required to watch so i guess, we will not be having a SAD class on Thursday but i hope not. hehe :D English was another, you know, vacant-like subject kanina because only one group did the reporting thingy while the other groups didn't because they weren't prepared. and also, most of our classmates were in the seminar that time that's why we were just few then. our report in English was moved to next next Monday. :P our Networking class just ended and it was like a review. good thing, our quiz was moved to next week. :D

according to my English prof, our Christmas Vacation will start on the 20th of December but we, the students are not required to go to school on that day because it will be their Christmas Party. and then, the classes will resume on the 10th of January and the Midterm Exams will be on the 15th of January. :D good for us, we will have a long vacation. but the Midterms is fast approaching. :D

Saturday, December 2, 2006

today is the Wedding Day of my mom's cousin and my Lola is one of the Principal Sponsors, and i, on the other hand, is one of the Bride's Maids. :D my mom and i went to Kuya Mandy's Salon at 11.30am for my hair and make-up. my mom had a haircut too. we went back home at 12.30am and when we arrived, all of them were ready to go. i wore my dress and do some last minute retouching. hehe :P we left the house at around 12:45pm. we reached the Our Lady of Annunciation Parish Church and saw some guests and the Sponsors. we just had to wait a couple of minutes and then the Wedding Ceremony started. of course, we marched in the aisle. haha :P actually, it was my first time to walked on that aisle as one of the Bride's Maids because before i was more of being one of the Flowers Girls. haha :D i still remember my childhood days wherein i used to walk on that aisle wearing those cute little dresses/gowns while holding a basket full of flowers. would you imagine that i would grew up like this? hehe :P as as a teenager, that was actually my first time coz i've never been part of the Secondary Sponsors before except from being a Flower Girl.

i wanna share some pics. but if you want to see more, just visit WALKINGDOLL.MULTIPLY.COM

With the Newlyweds
with the newlyweds

Solo Pic
solo pic. :P

Tres Marias
tres marias

With my Cousins
with my cousins

Friday, December 1, 2006

twenty-four days to go before Christmas. :D i'm not that excited but i know i should be. anywei, i woke up a little bit late this morning because i slept late too. i watched Roger Federer's game at Pacific Life Open against James Blake of US. though, the season has ended already wherein Roger won the ATP Master Series, but i still love to see his playing skills. i do admire him. i love the way he plays and he is just deserving of his position right now. as usual, he defeated Blake and won the title.

my mom and i went to SM San Lazaro this morning to buy a wedding gift coz my Lola will be one of the Prinicipal Sponsors on the wedding that we will be attending tomorrow. i, on the other side, is one of the Bride's Maids. i asked Ej to be the photographer for the day. haha :P he will be taking pictures tomorrow and i promise to post those pics here and on my Multiply.

need to have some beauty rest. hehe :P