Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i wasn't late because i was with Daddy Carlo on the way to the school. :D when i reched the Gym, i was quite surprised coz i didn't see any of the three girls i used to be with. i'm pertaining to Dyei, Eunice and Joanne. :D i just went directly to the CR without minding the people there. haha :D as if i care. then, we started changing into PE Uniforms. we went up to the room and we just talked and laughed. until our prof came. to our surprised, he told us that we have to recite the Letran Magpakailanman because the varsities were using the Gym and the Elem students were using the grounds. so we ended up having a recitation. but fortunately, we did a good job. yehey!!! :P after the recitation, we had some games courtesy of Sir. haha :D Pauso. hehe :P the first game was Seven-Up while the other was Basketball/Volleyball. it was fun, actually. we all enjoyed it and most of us were asking for more but since, it was time already, we were dismissed. :D another boring topic during my Physics class. i was really sleepy kasi eh because as you all know, i watched the Amazing Race Finale last night. Go Tyler and James!!! we had some discussion about the Practical Applications of Ohm's Law, then a break, then an activity. :/ our prof in SAD was absent again and we just had an attendance at the IIT. :D actually, we stayed for a couple of minutes in the office of the IIT and then, some of my classmates went to somewhere while Dyei, Eunice and i went to the catwalk. but before that, we stayed for a while in front of IIT'S Office as if we were waiting for someone. haha :D

right now, we are here at CLAB again. still killing the time for the next class. i don't want to attend my VB class but i have to do. :( i was sleepy kasi eh and i need some rest. tomorrow, there will be a parade at 7:00 in the morning and our Theo prof required us to join. we have to wear either Red shirt or PE Uniform. still undecided on what i should wear because i only had one Red Shirt and i just used my PE Uniform a while ago. hopefully, no classes tomorrow. haha :D