Thursday, December 28, 2006

i spent most of this day at SM San Lazaro with my mom and cousins. would you believe that my favorite cousin, Kuya Ojie, will be with us at the mall, shopping? well, coz i believe that guys tend to get bored easily that's why i was quite surprised that Kuya Jie wasn't that bored at all. because we are all required to wear Green Top on New Year, he bought a Green Shirt at Folded and Hung. as for me, i also bought a Green Top at Cinderella. i also bought a boxer shorts at Bench Body as an Exchange Gift for Kuya Roy. sorry but i can't think of a good gift and i took my cousin's suggestion. hehe. :D my mom bought a Green Shirt for Ej, my bro's exchange gift for Ate Janis, a bear for Camille and a pair of slippers for Cha-cha. i was the one who made our shopping time that long because i really couldn't think of a nice gift for Kuya Roy. at first, i thought of a Bench Fix Gel but the price is too much then, i thought of a shirt but Kuya Jie rejected the idea because Kuya Roy used to wear branded shirts. then, Kuya Jie came up with Boxer shorts and that's what i bought. after a long walk, we ate and went home.