Monday, December 25, 2006

i'm not in my crib right now. my mom and i visited my grandma here in Las Piñas. yesterday, like all of you, my family waited for the clock to turn to 12am as a sign of welcoming Jesus Christ as he comes into this world. we had our Noche Buena. i really love the hot chocolate of my Lola. so yummy!!! and how i wish, there's still hot choco till tomorrow. hehe :D we slept at around 1.30am. i woke up at 8am. i, together with my mom and bro attended the 9.30am mass. we had our lunch at my grandma's house but she wasn't there because she's in LP. we stayed there for a couple of hours and then, went back home. we had some picture taking. maybe, i'll upload the pics as soon as i come back home. i just asked my cousin to let me use her PC and here i am, surfing the net and updating my blog. i just don't know what time we will be going back. anyway, we will have exhchange gifts on New Year and right now, they are making the drawlots for it. the gift should be worth 200php. we are all required to wear Green shirt and i don't have any shirt of that color and so, i will buy.

thanks for all the people who greeted me Merry CHRISTmas. :D loveyou guys. end this up. just a short one for now.