Wednesday, December 6, 2006

this day started out good. we had a Quiz on Theo and fortunately, i got good remarks. Dyei and i got the same scores. :P we had a Recitation on our Humanities class. of course, all of us were surprised because we were not informed about that. i have no idea about those Elements of Visual Arts. but good thing, he just gave me easy questions. actually, he called me two times and i answered both questions and it was great. hehe :P its Wednesday, and of course, we have to be at the Speech Laboratory. during my English class, we just had a recitation again. we were called one by one and asked to say the words written in the book and our voices were recorded. i just hope i did a great job. :D we had a Practice slash Review during my Networking class to prepare us for the upcoming Quiz on Monday. it will be a Practical and Group Quiz. bad thing, it will be random grouping. :(

just a short post for today. :) and by the way, i was just happy yesterday that i got good remarks on our first quiz in Visual Basic. :D