Saturday, December 9, 2006

tonight is the Performance Night for the Philippine Idol and tomorrow night, the first Philippine Idol will be named. :P i'm so excited but on the other hand, i'm worried that Jan Nieto might won and i hate that. i still accept if Mau will win but if Jan, i'll not support him and that's for sure. i'm still expecting that people will vote for Gian Carlo Magdangal. he's the total package and a total performer. :D anywei, whoever wins, i still don't care. haha :D but if Gian will be named as the first Philippine Idol, i'll support him all the way. actually, it came from the Judges' mouth that Gian is the only Idol Contestant who can compete with the other Idols around the world.

along with this, tonight also is the Expulsion Night for the Pinoy Dream Academy. two scholars will be eliminated and the Final Six will be named and those six will compete for the title on Saturday at Araneta Coliseum. and luckily, Chad Peralta is one of those Top Six and i'm happy for that. wooohoo!!! Go Chad!!! :D right now, the Top Six isn't complete yet. but i'm not interested anymore because i know Chad is safe. i'm looking forward to seeing Chad win the title. :D i know he can make it. but Yeng is such a tough competitor and i guess, people will surely vote for her. but i hope not. haha :D

i'm freakin SAD right now, actually, this morning pa lang. you know why?? Allen Iverson asks for a trade and that's not good. :( he will not be playing for the Philadelphia 76ers anymore. he played his last game against Chicago and they lose. according to the interview, he doesn't want to leave because he loves Philadelphia and he wants to retire a 76er still. but whatever team he will be going to play, i will support him. Go AI!!! :D