Saturday, December 16, 2006

just a quick post for today.
i woke up at 7am because my dry cough really disturbed me. amf!!!
i took my lunch and opened my PC. finally, my PC is working well already. thanks to Daddy Carlo.
i was busy playing McDonald's when all of a sudden, nag-brownout. it was so annoying.
i, together with my mom, bro, auntie and cousins went to SM Manila for last minute shopping.
i already bought the dress i saw last time at Just G. i thought i won't be able to buy it but i was just so lucky.
we ate at McDonald's.
we went home at 6pm.
when we arrived, it was still brownout and the power just came back at 9.15pm. how long?! watta crap?!

anywei, i'm freakin SAD right now. and i don't know when can i say that i'm HAPPY. i just don't know how to smile and i hate pretending that i'm okay.