Saturday, December 2, 2006

today is the Wedding Day of my mom's cousin and my Lola is one of the Principal Sponsors, and i, on the other hand, is one of the Bride's Maids. :D my mom and i went to Kuya Mandy's Salon at 11.30am for my hair and make-up. my mom had a haircut too. we went back home at 12.30am and when we arrived, all of them were ready to go. i wore my dress and do some last minute retouching. hehe :P we left the house at around 12:45pm. we reached the Our Lady of Annunciation Parish Church and saw some guests and the Sponsors. we just had to wait a couple of minutes and then the Wedding Ceremony started. of course, we marched in the aisle. haha :P actually, it was my first time to walked on that aisle as one of the Bride's Maids because before i was more of being one of the Flowers Girls. haha :D i still remember my childhood days wherein i used to walk on that aisle wearing those cute little dresses/gowns while holding a basket full of flowers. would you imagine that i would grew up like this? hehe :P as as a teenager, that was actually my first time coz i've never been part of the Secondary Sponsors before except from being a Flower Girl.

i wanna share some pics. but if you want to see more, just visit WALKINGDOLL.MULTIPLY.COM

With the Newlyweds
with the newlyweds

Solo Pic
solo pic. :P

Tres Marias
tres marias

With my Cousins
with my cousins