Sunday, December 17, 2006

another tiring day for me. i woke up at 8am to attend the mass at 9.30am. actually, i don't have enough sleep last night coz i watched the Grand Dream Night of Pinoy Dream Academy. the show ended pass 1am, i guess. Yeng won the title. i together with my mom, auntie and cousins went to Divisoria at 2pm to buy gifts. i already bought my Exchange Gift and my gifts to my friends. one thing to describe Divi right now, it is JAMPACKED. as in. super duper. we went home just now, 5pm. right now, i'm eating Spaghetti. yummy!!! it's my favorite.

sorry if i'll be posting short posts starting tomorrow coz i'm not in the mood eh. i just want to cry and cry to you know, bring out the pain inside me. it is something that i don't know how to accept. i already said it that once i knew that it will not be happening, i will surely cry and that's what i did yesterday. i cried and cried. i'm just hoping na matuloy yun next year because it is one of my dreams. i'm crossing my fingers starting now. "God, please make that happen. please ease the problems that we're encountering right now. i do believe in you."