Monday, December 4, 2006

after a 4-day off, the classes resume and its not good. haha :P i had to wake up early because my first class was 7:30am. i didn't have enough sleep last night because i watched Philippine Idol and Pinoy Dream Academy. :D i'm crazy with Chad Peralta of PDA. i got a crush on him. he's cute, has a nice voice and a good dancer too. hehe :P after i saw him, i changed the channel right away to watch Philippine Idol. i want to see Gian Magdangal. he's my bet actually. among the three, he's the most deserving. but that is only my opinion. Mau's great and Jan really improved but overall, i'm rooting for Gian. he has everything, talent, versatility and good looks. what more can you ask for?

anywei, it was an unlucky morning for us because we had a Convocation. we actually didn't know it but according to Dyei, it was announced last Wednesday. maybe, i was just too busy that time that's why i didn't heard it. after the Convo, we went to our next class. by the way, the Convo lasted for about one and a half hour, consuming our first subject Theo. supposedly, we will have a long test on Theo but because of the Convo, it was cancelled. a blessing in disguise. haha :D we did nothing on our Humanities class. the representatives of our class for the Chorale just practiced with the help of our prof. i just wish them Good Luck. they aren't good kasi during the practice a while ago. the contest will be on Thursday afternoon and according to our prof, we are required to watch so i guess, we will not be having a SAD class on Thursday but i hope not. hehe :D English was another, you know, vacant-like subject kanina because only one group did the reporting thingy while the other groups didn't because they weren't prepared. and also, most of our classmates were in the seminar that time that's why we were just few then. our report in English was moved to next next Monday. :P our Networking class just ended and it was like a review. good thing, our quiz was moved to next week. :D

according to my English prof, our Christmas Vacation will start on the 20th of December but we, the students are not required to go to school on that day because it will be their Christmas Party. and then, the classes will resume on the 10th of January and the Midterm Exams will be on the 15th of January. :D good for us, we will have a long vacation. but the Midterms is fast approaching. :D