Tuesday, December 19, 2006

today is the last day of school in Letran. my Girl Friends decided to celebrate our "Christmas Party" today. not the literal Christmas Party ha. i reached the Colegio at around 10.15am and stayed in the CR for a while. Jhen texted me and fetch me in the CR. we walked for a while then stayed at the Catwalk. Eunice and Kath arrived already then we went to the Canteen to buy some drinks but unfortunately, there were no available drinks. instead of going back to the Catwalk, we stayed in the Garden near La Cantina. when we were waiting for Cha, each one of us gave the gifts already to one another. we went to SM Manila particularly McDonald's. we just waited for Cha to arrive then we ordered food and ate. after eating, we did the Exchange Gifts thingy. i received a pair of Pink Slippers from Eunice. and i love it.

i love this poem by Alarie Tennille. this is actually written together with the bracelet that Joanne gave me.

In today's hectic world,
it's a real pleasure to find
a friend like you...
someone who is so thoughtful,
tranquil and focused.
Just being with you calms me.
You're a rare kind of listener...
you give your full attention
and sympathize with all your heart.
That is a special talent.
I'm grateful for the quiet way
you slipped into my life,
bringing deep friendship, love
and support.

gifts.. gifts.. for exchange gifts

the gifts i received. still wrapped.

unwrapped gifts i received

the pink slippers Eunice gave me.

from Eunice also.

the Sakura Card given by Dyei. and a letter too.
Dyei sometimes call me Aviona.

the bracelet Joanne gave me.