Thursday, December 14, 2006

i had 10.30am class today but luckily, our prof came at 12noon. hehe :D nice!!! we had to wait for an hour and a half. we had some discussion about AC Ohm's Law. but the good thing was, we will have an additional 5 points on our Midterm Exam. before we went to our next class, Dyei, Eunice and Joanne accompanied me in getting my ticket on the Car Show entitled Hustle & Flow at 6pm because they got theirs already. we had a quiz on our SAD class. kinda inspired. haha :D something fun happened. haha :P we didn't consume the entire time because after the quiz, we were free to go. we decided to just stayed in the room and review for our VB quiz. after that, we checked the cars that were set-up in the grounds and we were like WOW!!! we ate for a while and we took our quiz in VB. we are so glad for getting passing remarks. yes!!! when the clock striked at 6pm, we hurriedly went to the grounds to see those beautiful and amazing cars and motorcycles there. not only Letranites were free to display their cars, but also those outsiders. one of the most successful events organized by the Student Council. if you're there, you will be stunned with those cars and motorcycles. so pretty. i envy them. haha :D how i wish i would own a car that astonishing. :D bad thing, we were not able to take pictures of those because we were hesitant too coz there were so many people. the show will end at 9pm.

how funny that we used to forget our special day. hehe:D