Thursday, December 7, 2006

i wasn't late kanina and it was good. but, it was still traffic in Divi but good thing, i left the house early and reached school earlier than expected. i just stayed for a while in the Comfort Room and went directly to my room. it is actually located in the 4th floor, that's why, i didn't hurry myself coz if i did, i would really gasping for air. haha :P no one was there except for my one guy classmate and the room was still in used by other section where my former blockmates belong. since, it was still early and the classroom was still in used, i decided to go to the CR again and went back. but still, the class wasn't yet finish. i just waited for a few minutes and their class was over. i had the chance to say hello to my friends there. we had some kulitan then they went down and i entered my room. as usual, we just had an Experiment during my Physics class. another discussion on my SAD class. though boring, i still felt good coz you know. hehe :P during the break, Eunice and i went to SM Manila while Dyei and Joanne stayed in the Colegio. Eunice bought CD on CD-R King and i looked for a dress there. on our way to school, we saw Jeq, Arnie, Rex, Gian, Ian, Kath, Cha, JL, Niko and Marco who were going towards SM. since it was too early, Eunice and i stayed in the Canteen for a while and decided to go to the room na. we just had a discussion on our VB class and did some exercises. then, dismissal time. hehe :P

i have to go to MCS tomorrow to inform the Librarian there about the approval of our topic which is their Library System. hopefully, the transcations will be successful since we had already passed the Chapter 1 of the Thesis. by the way, tomorrow will be Ej's Birthday and i can't think of a gift. i will be buying tomorrow, i guess. and i have to encouraged my mom to accompany me at SM Manila coz i have seen a nice dress there and i want to buy it as soon as possible.