Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life is totally fair, we just see it unfair because it's either we expected too much or we gave up already.

Our Bataan Trip pushed through yesterday. I woke up around 4:15am and hurriedly prepared because our calltime was at 5:30am. After I took a bath, I received a text message from Niko. We decided to meet at 7-11 near Letran. I fixed myself and prepared for the things that I was going to bring there.

Around 5:15am, I left the house. Daddy Carlo drove me towards Letran and then, I saw Niko waiting there. So I jumped out of the car and kissed Daddy Carlo goodbye. I bought hair clips because I lost mine then a glass of mineral water. We waited for Ian and Joanne to arrive. We already saw Chester. As soon as we were complete, we rode the bus not knowing that it was already full. My golly! I didn't expect that 60 students would join the trip including the students from 1st year to 3rd year. We had no choice but to sit in the center since all the seats on the side were occupied. One student was such a gentleman for giving up his place so that Joanne and I could sit there. While Niko and Ian sat in the center aisle. Niko was beside me and behind him was Ian.

It was quite a long trip from Manila to Bataan, 3 hours, I guess. When we reached the place, everyone was so excited. Letran-Abucay was so huge, 3 times bigger than Letran-Manila. We went down the bus and started to roam around the campus. We assembled at their AVR together with the Letran-Abucay's IT students. There was a program. They had a Videoke Challenge and Quiz Bee. Then, groupings for the Amazing Race were given. Too bad, we belonged to different groups.

We had our lunch after. We stayed at the kubo near the Letran Dormitory. We were having second thoughts if we were gonna join the Amazing Race or not but ended up joining. It was real fun though. There were 8 groups consisting of 10 members. There were 15 stations and 14 challenges. All groups were entitled to finish all the challenges and receive a flag after completing. You can quit but you cannot pass a challenge.

The first challenge was "Sino Ka Ba?" wherein you have to memorize the names of your groupmates and tell it to the umpire. Once you finish it, you are free to choose what challenge to do next. After accomplishing the first challenge, we had the Pinoy Henyo, Piggy Back, Sack Race, Araro, Battlecups, Limbo rock, Calamansi Relay, Free Throw, Puzzle, Planting Rice, Mathinik, Shooting, Rubix, Patawanin Mo. We only had 14 flags because we gave up with the last challenge. We really find it hard to make the two judges laugh. It seemed that they are carrying all the problems in the world. Only three teams made them laugh. And I didn't know what they did. We had so much fun but it was really tiring.

After that, the boys played basketball. It was between the boys of Letran-Manila and Letran-Bataan. Joanne and I decided to change because we were feeling sticky. The heat of the sun was really smarting, swear. We headed to the Letran Dorm and fixed ourselves. Afterwhich, we roamed around Letran and had some picture taking. We stayed in the kubo for a little while and decided to go back.

After our visit at Letran-Bataan, we didn't go home right away. We went to a resort because some wanted to swim. The four of us (Niko, Ian, Joanne and I) decided to kill the time by playing billiards and having a videoke. It was cool there. We even saw a giant lizard. Hahahaha ;) Around 7pm when we decided to go home.

Imagine, the bus is a two-seated bus per side and yet, Joanne, Ian and I fitted there. It was a long ride and we slept. We had a stop over at Mega Station. That was where our professors bought our dinner - Jollibee. We ate while the bus was moving.

It was so much fun in the bus because everyone was having fun. The boys at the back (third years) were singing and joking. We were just laughing our ass out of them. They were cracking jokes and having fun. I got home at around 11pm. It was such a tiring day but it was superb. I didn't expect that I've got to enjoy it that much knowing that only six fourth year students joined. Enjoying, indeed. Till our next time. Knights Encounter

Friday, January 23, 2009

Why should I ruin the perfectly beautiful petals of a flower when I knew from the start that he loves me not.

The exams are finally over. We have taken the last sets of examinations yesterday. At least, it was done already. Though, I'm quite nervous with the results.

Last Wednesday, we didn't have classes as what our professor told to me and Niko when we asked him last Tuesday. I was supposed to meet Niko at 2pm in Letran and Joanne at 3pm but the plans suddenly changed when Niko texted me that he will not go to school anymore, because he will buy a pair of shoes, and I just have to meet him at LRT. So, I was thinking why do I still need to meet him at LRT when in fact, he's not going to school anymore. What's the purpose, right? Unless he really wants to see me. Hahahaha :D Just kidding. I think it is about the OJT documents that I was asking him the night before. Too bad, he didn't bring it.

Anyway, I joked on him that I wanted to join them 'cause Ian will accompany him to the place. That time, I really wanted to go with them because I know, I will do nothing in school so I texted Joanne right away and asked if she wanna go with them. She replied that she wanted also and so, we joined them.

We met at Central Station since Ian attended his Accounting class. After the five of us (Cez, Joanne, Niko, Ian and RJ) were there already, off we went to Libertad Station. We walked a little until we reached Cartimar. There were lots of shoes to choose from with cheaper prices because most are fakes. But there are some stores who sell original items, those authorized dealers. It was really hot in there because there is no aircon. Meaning, it is open. Our sweats were all over and too bad, I forgot to bring my fan so we had no choice but to endure the heat that the hell-like place was giving. It was fun, though.

After buying the shoes, we went to Ian's place to unwind and relax. We stayed in his room where two computers are available to use. His grandparents were there while his mom was on her way to the house. We rested for a bit until Ian and Niko decided to buy some merienda for the five of us. We were just chatting, joking and laughing. The last thing I remembered, we were watching ghost videos through the internet. We were scaring ourselves. Hahaha :D

Later on, Ian's mom arrived and shared a real life ghost experience she had when she was still in Japan. It was too scary. We continued watching until we all decided to go home. It was a bit tiring but fun.

Yesterday, we took two sets of major exams. I met Niko and Joanne at the LRT Station and we went directly to the room. The exams were too difficult since we didn't learn anything from our professor after his two-week AWOL. Good thing, he was replaced already. After the exams, we took our lunch then chatted like we always do.

The boys played basketball as we watched them. Thanks to Sir Armin for the free merienda. Hahaha :D Afterwards, we already went home leaving the boys there. According to Rex, they went home at 8pm.

Anyways, two of my friends are about to become parents in a few months. My guy friend is going to become a father on March and we are really excited for the first baby that our crew will be having. I don't know but I can really feel the excitement. Also, one of my girl friends is about to become a mom on May. It is unexpected, though. But we are all happy for the both of them and we all wish them the best of luck.

Today, I just had my church service. It is boring here in the house. The plan was cancelled because Niko feels that he will be sick today. I think, the plan should pursue next week. And it really should.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sometimes you can't stop yourself from hoping for yesterday to come back especially when yesterday was the only future you ever wanted and needed from the very start.

Sunday was a blast. I was actually having second thoughts on what event should I attend on that day. I was invited by Eunice to come over in their house in Bulacan because it was fiesta there. As much as I wanted to go, I really can't 'cause my mom didn't allow me to for the main reason that it would be the 1st birthday of Xyza. She is actually my goddaughter. I reasoned out to my mom that she and Ej could attend Xyza's party and I will go to Eunice's house but still, it didn't work. So, I ended up attending the birthday party at Las PiƱas. I didn't regret it though.

It was lots of fun. And seeing my cousins is one of the things that I am really looking forward if there are family events to attend. The party hasn't started yet when we arrived. We had the best place in the restaurant. By the way, it was held in Shakey's. We've gotten the chance to mingle with my oh-so adorable and endearing cousins and laugh like we always do whenever we see each other. We were sharing different stories.

I was really surprised to see Kuya Ryan and Ate Janis because I didn't have any idea that they will be here for a vacation. It was really nice to see the both of them again. They are based in Singapore that's why we seldom see each other. We were on the same table together with my mom, brother, Claudine, Kuya Roy and Tita Purita. And we were laughing like hell. We actually didn't focus much on the party itself because we were busy talking. I really had fun, swear.

To most Letranites, midterm exams are over but to us, IT students, it is just about to start. Yeah, we have taken Theology8 last week and we took Free Elective this afternoon but we still need to take two majors on Thursday. I'm quite nervous because I didn't learn anything from that two majors that we are about to take. I don't know how can I answer the questions but hopefully, I could use my common sense in answering.

On Saturday will be the celebration of Celine's 15th Birthday and it would be a swimming party just like how her sister celebrated her birthday last November. For sure, that would be a lot of fun that is why I'm so excited. Time to hit the pool. Hahahaha ;D

Another thing that I am really looking forward is our upcoming 3-day retreat on February 25-27, 2009 at Caleruega. I am so excited 'cause the Chillax will be there unlike the previous retreat that we had wherein we belonged to different sections, thus, we had different schedules of retreat. By this time, we are almost complete. For sure, I'm gonna enjoy that. I really can't wait.

By the way, I am starting to cope up with what's happening around me and I am happy 'cause everything goes so well. It may not be what I really wanted but I know it is for the better. And besides, I get along pretty well with both of them. Well, except for the fact that I am closer to the second guy now. But this issue is not yet done. I'm hoping that it will be settled soon.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some of the most interesting friendships are between people who are attracted to each other but can’t act on it.

The quote above, it struck me big time. Oh well. Don’t wanna detail much about it. Anyway, I learned something today. Well, actually, I should have learned this months ago but then I just realized it today or perhaps, I realized it already but I just don’t want to admit it.

Everything seems to be getting clearer and I wasn’t even aware of it. I have become so attach to them without even knowing that it is too much and it’s getting worst. With all the closeness that we shared, I felt something special towards him, rather towards them. I don’t know. I can’t get the point.

No, I am not hitting two birds with one stone. It’s definitely not. It is just that during the time that he drifted away or rather, stayed away from me for a while and I was longing for the attention he used to give me, someone came along giving me more than what he is capable of giving. This someone has become my total companion, though ever since we are really close but I never thought that I would feel something weird towards him. I really felt the care and concern of that someone.

Both of them are special to me in two different ways. The first one has become really special after knowing him better. I never thought that all my bad impressions towards him will soon vanish after getting to know the real him. The other one has become special because since freshmen, we were treating each other as siblings but as soon as we got closer, it seemed to be changing.

Both of them are treating me really special in their own little way. I really felt the concern of the first guy during the times that we were busy doing our pain in the ass activity. He was always there for me. As a matter of fact, we were constant textmate and chatmate. While the other guy, he suddenly appeared in the scene, treating me so special, after the first guy drifted away. I don’t know if the closeness of me and the second guy that pushed the first guy to stay away from me.

But as we all know, there’s nothing constant in this world, well, except for the word change. Now, I am really affected with what’s happening around me. Even though how much I try to pretend that I am totally okay, I can’t deny that I am affected, that I am hurt.

And now, I find it really hard to deal with them ‘cause I know I lost them already. Not because, they already found their respective partners but because I couldn’t feel that I’m still special for them. It is just that up to now, I am still waiting for the first guy. I am still hoping that he’ll come back but I guess, it will not happen no matter what I do. Well, the second guy, we’re still close but I’m trying to avoid him at some point because I know it is not good. I don’t wanna fall for him the way I fell for the first guy. I shouldn’t be because I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I don’t want to lose them.

I don’t know what happened that made these all messed up. I kept on asking myself. Was it my fault? Did I do something wrong? Did I commit something that made them be like that? I’m still the same girl they’ve known from the very start. I never changed but how come, they changed. I guess, I just don’t have the guts to speak out what I really feel ‘cause I know it will ruin everything. And yet, up to this very moment, I am still waiting for the first guy. But I don’t know how long can I wait.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

If he acts like you're not worth of his time, maybe you're not what he really wants. You're just a replacement for what he can't have.

Joanne, Cez and Niko @Starbucks, MOA

Yesterday was the Feast of the Black Nazarene. No classes in Letran but it didn't affect me 'cause I really don't have classes during Friday. Instead, Joanne, Niko and I went to PNB for the completion of our requirements.

Our call time was at 7:30am so I woke early but Joanne woke up late and asked us if we could reschedule the call time to 9am. No problem with me since I want to sleep more. But I have taken a bath already and I was all dressed up. I didn't notice that I fell asleep while I was waiting for their text messages.

As I woke up, I saw bunch of text messages from Joanne asking me where I was and all that. We met at Tayuman station at 9am but we were able to ride an LRT at around 9:45am 'cause most of the trains were full. While we were in the train, we saw those people who took part on the Black Nazarene March. They were walking with their barefoot. Some also took the LRT ride.

We went directly to EPMD 'cause some of our documents are needed to be signed by our immediate supervisor. We were quite hesitant because we were just in our casual wear unlike during our OJT days, we were in our corporate. We stayed there for a little while. Until all the documents have been signed, we headed to the HR Department. At HR, we waited for our certificate and acceptance letter to be printed.

Know what, we are going to miss our OJT days, for sure. Not just that, we will also miss our early in the morning exchange of messages and meetings, the free shuttle ride going to PNB, EPMD/Cash Trade office, coffee, our table, our bosses, the laugtrips and kulitan. We really had fun there. We consider ourselves lucky 'cause we had our OJT there because it was really one of a kind. Super fun. Hays. Hope to cross paths with our bosses in the future and work with them, if possible.

After accomplishing all our transactions, we went to SM Mall of Asia. Actually, it was really part of the plan since Wednesday. We decided to eat first at Shakey's. Super laughtrip. And we all got full. Mojos are really the best. Yummy, as ever. We had picture taking outside and decided to take a little walk first.

Then we went to the cinema to check the prices for Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat. The three of us wanted to watch that movie 'cause the trailer was really funny. We bought tickets already and had a walk first. We dropped by All Flip Flops 'cause I was supposed to buy a pair of slippers but unfortunately, size 37-38 was out of stocks. Better luck next time. I might buy on Friday.

We went back to the cinema and entered. The movie was really funny though there were some corny scenes. You will surely find yourself laughing. Nakakangawit ng panga. And even though Ai-Ai was in drama mode, she was still funny. Hahahaha :D We all can't help but laugh.

We, then, went to Starbucks to have some frap. I ordered Caramel Frap, Niko ordered White Mocha and Joanne ordered Mocha Frap. We were joking and making fun that time. We were laughing our asses out. We had picture taking, of course. Until we decided to kill our time at San Miguel by the Bay after hearing that there would be a fireworks display at 7pm.

We waited for it. It was great. All the fireworks were amazing and breath-taking. I can't help but mumbled "Wow!" It was short, though. After that, we took a tram ride while waiting for Gian to arrive.

Until we saw some batchmates in the persons of Crystal, Nikki, Nikka and Neil. They were having session there. We sat with them. They offered drinks - Zombie. I've tried that at Red Box. We were all messing around. We didn't want to drink but we were convinced. Joanne and I shared a glass while Niko and Gian had their own glasses. After drinking a little, we decided to go home.

It was a long day and yet it was really a blast. It was the start of our Friday session. Hopefully, the next time we do that, we're complete. I can't wait for another fun gimik with them. A Date with Three-O

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's not about having the perfect relationship, but it's finding someone who matches you and you'll go through everything without giving up.

This week is actually the very first school week for the year 2009. It started out not so good for me 'cause someone broke his promise of giving me something that I'm craving for since last year - Double Dutch.

Last Monday, I attended my OJT, of course. It was like any ordinary Monday for me. That same day, our professor for our 7:30pm class was not around. We didn’t know why. We were waiting for him to arrive but he didn’t. It was really nice to see my friends again after a two-week holiday vacation. We were sharing stories and watching something scary in YouTube. Kath gave us all choco lollies that she made especially for the crew. Chillax came one by one after attending their respective on-the-job trainings at Sampaloc, Ortigas and Makati. We were joking and laughing around.

As I stated in the first paragraph, I was quite annoyed ‘cause someone broke his promise. Well, I cannot remember when that promise was made but it was before New Year if I am not mistaken. We were chatting that night and I asked him to treat me since he was having a lot of sidelines as he told me. He agreed and that treat would be his holiday gift for me. I told him that Double Dutch will do. I am actually craving for that. It is my favorite ice cream flavor, by the way. It was all set.

But then, as the first school day for the year ’09 came, it seemed that he didn’t remember it and actually, up to now, I can’t see any Double Dutch, coming from him, in front of me. Well, it wasn’t really a big deal. I am always like that. I used to ask for something to be given on a certain day and yet I don’t usually ask that person about that thing when the day arrives. Let’s just say, I’m hesitant to. If he remembers, it’s good but if not, it’s okay for me. It wasn’t really a big deal, after all.

The entire Tuesday was spent in school, sharing stories, joking and laughing with friends. I missed that, really. We did nothing that day except for our Free Elective in which our professor discussed another lesson. Theology was like a vacant because after our professor checked the attendance, we just sat and talked with our seatmates. Our professor for the last class was absent. He is apparently the same professor in my 7:30pm class during Monday and Wednesday.

Wednesday was the last day of our OJT. Yey! We stayed in the office until 8pm and good thing, our professor was absent again. I don’t know what happened to him. After our duty, we finally went home.

And today, we stayed in Letran up to 7:30pm. I just watched Death Race with Niko using Joanne’s laptop. Cha, Jhen, Kath and Joanne were busy browsing and watching music videos in YouTube. And for the fourth time, our professor in our last subject was absent. He should really attend classes because we still don’t know up to now what would be the coverage of our midterm exams. And besides, I haven’t learned anything from him.

Tomorrow, we will still go to PNB for the completion of requirements. After that, we have a plan of unwinding and strolling at Mall of Asia. Next week would be our midterm week. We only have four sets of exams, 3 of which are major subjects. I hope to pass all of my subjects especially Free Elective.

Even though issues have not yet been settled, I am still happy. I still don’t know what would happen next and I am really worried on what’s bound to happen. He came back and yet, he started to drift away again. I don’t know what pushes him to be like that. And if time comes that I can’t welcome him anymore, he couldn’t blame me ‘cause I also get tired. But right now, I am happy with whatever is happening around. I am contented. It is just that I want all the issues to be settled before my graduation comes.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Don't underestimate the power of doing simple things in life. They might just be the reason why you have a special place in someone's heart.

Happy New Year everyone! Happy 2009! :) How was the start of your year? Was it great? For me, it was superb, one of a kind, indeed. Despite of the rain, everyone still managed to enjoy it. I drank Bailey's all by myself but I wasn't able to finish the bottle. Cheers to '09

I attended two family reunions which I think a great way to start my year. First, we had our Green Party for the Medina Clan. We had lots of games and tons of fun. I won the coin challenge. Our group ended up as second placer in the Amazing Race: Medina Edition. We also had exchange gifts where I received a Hello Kitty pillow from my mom. I didn't know it, swear. After that, we ate and then sang. 2008 was Red; 2009 is Green

I also attended the family reunion of the Galvez-Autea clan. No color coding, this time. We won the longest greeting. We also played Pinoy Henyo. We drank, of course. I had several shots of Margarita, a can of San Mig Light and a shot of Bailey's.

2008, I can say, was really a great and terrific year for me. I have experienced a lot from the Year of the Rat and those experiences instilled a lot of things in me that I will surely bring in the years to come. Leaving year 2008 is really hard in a way that I have a lot of good memories there but I know as year 2009 starts, more exciting events are yet to happen.

I'll give you the highlights of my year 2008.

* The Medina clan started the year with a bang by having our annual Family Reunion.
* Of course, the ever stressful thesis that made us all busy.
* It was also the month of the year when I first stepped into the ever prestigious University of the Philippines-Diliman with Ian and Ryan.

* I have received my Microsoft Welcome Kit after passing the MCP Exam. Included in the kit are the certificate and the MCP id.
* I was so stressed not just because of our thesis but also with my happy go lucky thesismates.
* Letran had the first ever Dance Concert entitled Exalt showcasing the incredible dancing prowess of the Letran Dance Systems.

* The Final Judgment arrived in the form of the oh so nerve-wracking Final Defense. Though we got the Major Revision verdict, still, it was a success.
* My junior year had come to its end.

* I wasn't able to join Chillax Crew in our annual summer getaway.
* Several birthday celebrations like Kuya Pau's 20th, Jhen's debut and Kuya Ojie's 21st.
* Kuya Kenneth and Kuya Karl, my US-based cousins, came here for a vacation.
* My cousins in my mom's side had our own bonding moment by having a bowling session at MOA.
* We had a super kaduper fun family outing in Batangas.

* David Cook was declared as the first rocker to win the famous American Idol. :)

* It was the start of my last year in college.
* The block sectioning was back.
* We had the worst schedule and professors and yet we enjoyed it because Chillax Crew bonded like hell.
* Boston Celtics grabbed the NBA title in a classic match-up against Los Angeles Lakers.

* It marked the 3rd year of sweet friendship of Thine Iced.
* We attended our last IT General Assembly.
* We performed troubleshooting for our thesis at Rex's house for two days. I went home super late. Thanks to Ian. :)
* It was my first time to go to Rex's house all by myself.

* My first inuman session at Rex's house.
* We celebrated Rex's birthday at Red Box-Trinoma where drinks were everywhere. We really had a blast

* I had a simple celebration of my 19th birthday. I invited Chillax to come over. It was so much fun. Super thanks to Ian, Rex, Marco, Cha, Rey and Kel for the gifts.
* We had our second Final Defense and this time, it was a total success. We got No Revision. Job well done to us Ian, Ryan and Jeff.
* Something happened that tested the friendship of Chillax.
* E-Security, a seminar organized by Chillax, was a huge success.

* We celebrated Reina's Debut with a Masquerade theme.
* We participated in the La Naval Mass and Procession. T'was our last, actually.
* An enjoying and super fun getaway to escape boredom with Rex, Ian, Lai, Niko and Marco. Watched movie at Podium, ate at El Pueblo and unwind at Starbucks.

* The start of my last semester.
* We started our OJT at PNB with Joanne and Niko.

* The Interschool Digital Arts Contest was a success.
* We partied, danced and drank like hell during the IT Knights Out at Dolce
* We rocked Letran as we have the Arriba Fest.

It is obvious, my year 2008 was really a blast. Though at some point, I have experienced problems in the different aspects of my life, still, it was a year worth cherishing for. It was more than what I expected it to be.

And now, I'm really looking for a great and wonderful year ahead. I'm really looking forward to my graduation, of course. I'm excited and yet, I feel sad because I know it will be a new world, new environment for me. A lot of changes will soon occur and I hope I could adapt to it right away. I'm still hoping for the non-stop bonding moments of the Chillax Crew which I think, quite impossible because we will become busy searching for jobs.

Chillax Crew - the troop that I have become so attacheded with, the people who always brighten my day, the group that made my college life different and my friends who stayed with me through my happiest and darkest moments. I know, everything will change as soon as we step out of Letran but I don't want to think that we will part our ways too soon. It pains to think that all the bonding moments will be lessened. I will surely miss all the things that we usually do in Letran especially our what-to-do-next moments. But I really do hope that our friendship will still be there, alive and kicking strong as ever, no matter how busy we will become.

I hope that this year will be a better one. Let's make year 2009 a wonderful and fun year. We should all have a positive outlook. Think positive. Despite of all the negative prophecies and vibrations, let's all be positive.

With this, I want to thank all the people who have become part of my year 2008 and who will continue to be part of my life: God, my dad and mom, Ej, relatives and loved ones, Thine Iced, Chillax Crew, friends and those people who continue making my life worthwhile.

Happy New Year again! :) May this year be another fruitful year to all of us. May God continue to shower us and our family all the blessings we truly deserve. Let's always thank Him for everything. And I do hope all the issues will be settled right away. By the way, I'm ready for commitment already so I'm wishing for a colorful lovelife. Hahahaha :D