Friday, January 23, 2009

Why should I ruin the perfectly beautiful petals of a flower when I knew from the start that he loves me not.

The exams are finally over. We have taken the last sets of examinations yesterday. At least, it was done already. Though, I'm quite nervous with the results.

Last Wednesday, we didn't have classes as what our professor told to me and Niko when we asked him last Tuesday. I was supposed to meet Niko at 2pm in Letran and Joanne at 3pm but the plans suddenly changed when Niko texted me that he will not go to school anymore, because he will buy a pair of shoes, and I just have to meet him at LRT. So, I was thinking why do I still need to meet him at LRT when in fact, he's not going to school anymore. What's the purpose, right? Unless he really wants to see me. Hahahaha :D Just kidding. I think it is about the OJT documents that I was asking him the night before. Too bad, he didn't bring it.

Anyway, I joked on him that I wanted to join them 'cause Ian will accompany him to the place. That time, I really wanted to go with them because I know, I will do nothing in school so I texted Joanne right away and asked if she wanna go with them. She replied that she wanted also and so, we joined them.

We met at Central Station since Ian attended his Accounting class. After the five of us (Cez, Joanne, Niko, Ian and RJ) were there already, off we went to Libertad Station. We walked a little until we reached Cartimar. There were lots of shoes to choose from with cheaper prices because most are fakes. But there are some stores who sell original items, those authorized dealers. It was really hot in there because there is no aircon. Meaning, it is open. Our sweats were all over and too bad, I forgot to bring my fan so we had no choice but to endure the heat that the hell-like place was giving. It was fun, though.

After buying the shoes, we went to Ian's place to unwind and relax. We stayed in his room where two computers are available to use. His grandparents were there while his mom was on her way to the house. We rested for a bit until Ian and Niko decided to buy some merienda for the five of us. We were just chatting, joking and laughing. The last thing I remembered, we were watching ghost videos through the internet. We were scaring ourselves. Hahaha :D

Later on, Ian's mom arrived and shared a real life ghost experience she had when she was still in Japan. It was too scary. We continued watching until we all decided to go home. It was a bit tiring but fun.

Yesterday, we took two sets of major exams. I met Niko and Joanne at the LRT Station and we went directly to the room. The exams were too difficult since we didn't learn anything from our professor after his two-week AWOL. Good thing, he was replaced already. After the exams, we took our lunch then chatted like we always do.

The boys played basketball as we watched them. Thanks to Sir Armin for the free merienda. Hahaha :D Afterwards, we already went home leaving the boys there. According to Rex, they went home at 8pm.

Anyways, two of my friends are about to become parents in a few months. My guy friend is going to become a father on March and we are really excited for the first baby that our crew will be having. I don't know but I can really feel the excitement. Also, one of my girl friends is about to become a mom on May. It is unexpected, though. But we are all happy for the both of them and we all wish them the best of luck.

Today, I just had my church service. It is boring here in the house. The plan was cancelled because Niko feels that he will be sick today. I think, the plan should pursue next week. And it really should.