Saturday, January 10, 2009

If he acts like you're not worth of his time, maybe you're not what he really wants. You're just a replacement for what he can't have.

Joanne, Cez and Niko @Starbucks, MOA

Yesterday was the Feast of the Black Nazarene. No classes in Letran but it didn't affect me 'cause I really don't have classes during Friday. Instead, Joanne, Niko and I went to PNB for the completion of our requirements.

Our call time was at 7:30am so I woke early but Joanne woke up late and asked us if we could reschedule the call time to 9am. No problem with me since I want to sleep more. But I have taken a bath already and I was all dressed up. I didn't notice that I fell asleep while I was waiting for their text messages.

As I woke up, I saw bunch of text messages from Joanne asking me where I was and all that. We met at Tayuman station at 9am but we were able to ride an LRT at around 9:45am 'cause most of the trains were full. While we were in the train, we saw those people who took part on the Black Nazarene March. They were walking with their barefoot. Some also took the LRT ride.

We went directly to EPMD 'cause some of our documents are needed to be signed by our immediate supervisor. We were quite hesitant because we were just in our casual wear unlike during our OJT days, we were in our corporate. We stayed there for a little while. Until all the documents have been signed, we headed to the HR Department. At HR, we waited for our certificate and acceptance letter to be printed.

Know what, we are going to miss our OJT days, for sure. Not just that, we will also miss our early in the morning exchange of messages and meetings, the free shuttle ride going to PNB, EPMD/Cash Trade office, coffee, our table, our bosses, the laugtrips and kulitan. We really had fun there. We consider ourselves lucky 'cause we had our OJT there because it was really one of a kind. Super fun. Hays. Hope to cross paths with our bosses in the future and work with them, if possible.

After accomplishing all our transactions, we went to SM Mall of Asia. Actually, it was really part of the plan since Wednesday. We decided to eat first at Shakey's. Super laughtrip. And we all got full. Mojos are really the best. Yummy, as ever. We had picture taking outside and decided to take a little walk first.

Then we went to the cinema to check the prices for Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat. The three of us wanted to watch that movie 'cause the trailer was really funny. We bought tickets already and had a walk first. We dropped by All Flip Flops 'cause I was supposed to buy a pair of slippers but unfortunately, size 37-38 was out of stocks. Better luck next time. I might buy on Friday.

We went back to the cinema and entered. The movie was really funny though there were some corny scenes. You will surely find yourself laughing. Nakakangawit ng panga. And even though Ai-Ai was in drama mode, she was still funny. Hahahaha :D We all can't help but laugh.

We, then, went to Starbucks to have some frap. I ordered Caramel Frap, Niko ordered White Mocha and Joanne ordered Mocha Frap. We were joking and making fun that time. We were laughing our asses out. We had picture taking, of course. Until we decided to kill our time at San Miguel by the Bay after hearing that there would be a fireworks display at 7pm.

We waited for it. It was great. All the fireworks were amazing and breath-taking. I can't help but mumbled "Wow!" It was short, though. After that, we took a tram ride while waiting for Gian to arrive.

Until we saw some batchmates in the persons of Crystal, Nikki, Nikka and Neil. They were having session there. We sat with them. They offered drinks - Zombie. I've tried that at Red Box. We were all messing around. We didn't want to drink but we were convinced. Joanne and I shared a glass while Niko and Gian had their own glasses. After drinking a little, we decided to go home.

It was a long day and yet it was really a blast. It was the start of our Friday session. Hopefully, the next time we do that, we're complete. I can't wait for another fun gimik with them. A Date with Three-O