Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm still a bum and it's bad, I know. I'm still waiting for the magic call though I've been seeking for a job too. This has never been easy. I'm such a pain in the ass here in the house and I must stop being one as soon as possible. I have this huge responsibility of helping my parents in paying our bills but I can't right now since I don't have any income at all. I hope before July starts, I have a new job already. I want to earn money, help them pay the bills and buy all the things I want. Can you please pray for me? I really need that especially now.

To some, school started last week and for the rest, it will start tomorrow. Goodluck on another school year ahead of you. I badly miss school, seriously. If only I could go back to school, I really would. I have so many things in mind right now like I'm planning to put up a business right after I've found a new job already and possibly, go back to school next year. I'm thinking of pursuing another course or degree. I would love to take Child Development, Theater Arts or Journalism. I know, the courses I have in mind are way too far from the course I've finished but I don't know, in just a snap, I thought of pursuing any of those three. Or perhaps, I've thought of these things because I'm bored and I have nothing left to do. Oh well.

Anyways, I've been missing my friends lately. The last time that I've got to see them was during our Bataan trip to celebrate Klio's birthday, who is apparently the son of one of my friends. Even my high school friends, I would love to see them again. It has been a while since I last saw them and I haven't gone out with them even once ever since we graduated from high school. Sad but true.

But one thing's for sure right now, I MUST find a job right away. I don't want to be a bum anymore. Aside from being patient, I must work hard for it. But I know God won't let me down. He has His own plans for me. :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh, it has been a while and I missed this. And just a recap, I resigned from my first ever job just a month ago. It wasn't as emotional as it should be because I know I have to do it. I'm so sick and tired of their false hopes and broken promises. It was tough though. After resigning, a partner company of my former company kept on calling me and persuading me to accept the job they're offering to us. I can't and I shouldn't. The reason is kinda confidential and personal that I can't put it into writing.

However, I applied into this company that I've dreamed of working ever since I graduated from college. I passed the three phases and just waiting for the call. It's not that I'm losing hope but I feel like it has been jinx-ed. I hope it isn't. Please pray for me, guys. I badly need this one. I don't know what to do if I won't make it to my 'dream' company. And besides, I really need a job right now. Please, guys, I really need your prayers. I hope and pray that I will receive the magical call this week. I will not hope or expect but I wish, they will finally call me.

Please, dear God, this is the one opportunity I really can't miss.