Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pain is inevitable. It will always part of the life we are living. Well, I have to agree. Without pain, life is so much easier to live. No thrills, no challenges. For the past three months, I have been in the most complicated situation ever that giving up is the first thing that came into my mind. But the funny thing is, I never did. Perhaps, because I couldn't. You know what's funnier, I have practiced my so-called speech and yet, I wasn't able to deliver it.

Just a month ago, I was in the most crucial stage. Emotional stress ate me whole that my everyday routine, even my work and eating habits, had been affected big time. It was so difficult to handle. I have been crying for two weeks straight, my chest felt so heavy and my head was really in pain that all I wanna do was lay down and sleep. I have also come to the point of having thoughts of dying. Why? Because it was too hard to handle that I thought I couldn't get it through.

But then, thank God for He has never left my side and for helping me get past it. Right now, I must admit, I'm still not okay and happy but I'm coping and learning to accept things as it is. I have my own mistakes and lessons learned. I want to regret and hate but I couldn't because I know I have been very happy despite all the pain it caused me.

I may not go straight into details why I was like that and why I'm still in the emo stage but I promise, I will be fine soon. So, please bear with me why all of my Twitter and Tumblr posts were so emotional.

Well, I guess, it takes time of getting used to and as far as I'm concerned, I'm coping easily. I can now laugh hard, smile like I used to and my tulala moments have been lessened. Applaud me my dear friends for being able to get through that difficult situation. Thank you for those who prayed and gave me advices. It really helped me a lot.

So, right now, I decided to focus on things that will make me happy. I have so many plans for 2011 and I hope I can do everything within this year. 2011, please be good to me.

And by the way, I missed blogging.