Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It is better to wait for years for someone you are sure of than to grab that chance with someone who picks you up but drops you whenever he wants to.

Just sharing this artwork made by a friend of mine. It was created using Photoshop. See how cute it is? If you still can't get what the image is trying to portray, oh well, it's me. She also has done cutie images of some of my friends. If you want to see it, just go and visit Chillax Crew's Multiply and just feel free to comment.

Just a bit of update. Our thesis is showing a lot of progress though we have experienced problems a couple of days ago. But we're still doing fine. The deadline for Chapters 1-5 is this week and we haven't started the 4th chapter because the survey isn't complete yet. Just wish us luck. Everyone is experiencing the same problem so we don't need to worry that much. But we really have to work our ass off just to accomplish this and be able to pass it on Saturday.

Finally, we now have a keynote speaker for our seminar on the 27th of September. Hoping that we can learn a lot of things from her and may she will be able to awaken the minds of my fellow Senior IT students because they are capable of getting bored easily. We already received our budget and now, we can start the preparation. We are all hoping for a successful seminar. We are not actually hoping that our seminar would be the best, all we're asking is that we'll be able to pull this one off successfully.

Anyway, I haven't seen any of my grades and I'm kinda worried with my minors. But actually, I don't think that much about the midterm exams because I am more focus on the thesis. But hopefully, I have passing remarks in all of my subjects.

I missed Photoshop-ping. I'm wishing that I could find time doing all those stuffs that I'm really into. Its just that it is really hard now since we're dealing with a lot of school works. And by the way, Eraserheads Reunion Concert is set to kick this Saturday at Bonifacio Open Field. Tickets are available at Ticketworld. As much as I want to watch the concert, I really can't because I wasn't able to save money for it. Supposedly, it is a free concert but because of some conflicts and since one of the sponsors backed out (though it has been replaced right away), it isn't free anymore. How I wish I could be there but too bad for me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

No matter how plain and simple you are, there's someone who will secretly surely look at you as if you are the most perfect creature ever existed.

I have been doing a lot of things lately. Talking about being busy. School's like hell now. I have a lot of school stuffs to accomplish and I have been very stressed out since last week. On the other hand, I had some fun moments with friends during the weekend and it was actually a sort of brain break for us.

Rex celebrated his 20th birthday last Saturday at Red Box in Trinoma. That same day, my thesismates and I were supposed to deploy our proposed network infrastructure for UDM. Everything was planned, as in all set. I have been texting my thesismates since the day before just to remind them about the things that we need to do the next day. Until a text message coming from the UDM professor that he wasn't available and that we have to move the schedule to 4pm of the same day. It was kinda a conflict since Rex's birthday celebration will start at 7pm and yet we have to be in Trinoma at 6pm. We were trying to think of a better way and came up with an idea of continue what has been planned and we should do all the preparations ahead of time.

We also decided to meet up at Ian's crib in Pasay. It was actually my first time there. I rode an LRT going to Libertad and waited for Ian to fetch me. As soon as we saw each other, we rode a jeep going to his house and met up with my other two groupmates. We started crimping the cable and fixing all the things we need. After an hour there, we decided to go to UDM. We looked for Mr. Pineda right away and received a bad news. F*ck. The office to which we will be getting the internet connection was closed. I was totally disappointed when I heard it. We had no choice but to cancel and just reschedule our deployment. We just talked to Sir Pineda for a little while and decided to go home so we could still ready ourselves for the party that evening.

The party was absolutely one of the best nights in the life of the Chillax. It was indeed memorable. Everyone was enjoying it. I really had fun. We sang and grooved. We were all hyper. Beers and cocktails were all over. Some of my guy friends were tipsy and honestly, that was my first time to see them in that behavior. I just laughed at them. I just can't believe that when they got drunk, they'll be like that. All in all, it was one heck of a fun night. After party was held in Rex's crib. Surprisingly, my mom and dad allowed me to stay overnight in Rex's house. We just walked from Trinoma. I slept at 2.30am while some slept at 5am. We woke up at 8am. I went home at 11am.

Our deployment last Tuesday, well I can say, wasn't really successful because of that effin' guy who used to interfere as if he knew what we were doing. He just really can't understand that what we were doing is for our thesis and it is up to the institution if they want our proposal be implemented. What I really can't understand was that he continued to interfere and act like he knows everything when in fact, he can't understand a bit of what we were doing. I was pissed off so as to my thesismates but we just made fun of it.

But we still need to go back there for that deployment. We have to do that or else, we're doomed. Here comes the bad news, the submission of Chapters 1 to 5 will be next week and until now, we haven't started doing the fourth chapter yet. My gosh! I'm going crazy. Hopefully, everything will fall into its own places. The only problem we have as of the moment is the video. We just need it so badly. I'm hoping to accomplish the video this Saturday. I really do hope. Please do pray for us.

Next in line would be our Seminar. OMG! Until now, I haven't received any confirmation coming from the possible speakers that we have contacted. I'm hoping and praying that I would receive the confirmation before Monday. Oh well, I hate being stressed out but i just can't help but feel it. But I know, after these effin' and tiring thesis and seminar, everything will be back to normal.

I'm so confused right now. I'm trying to observe everything, trying to find the answers to the questions going on inside my mind but I just end up empty-handed. I know I will find it in the right time. I'm sorry because I really can't post here the details about this crazy feeling. I want to keep it a secret first until I'm sure about it.

By the way, please do pray that I won't get crazy. hahahaha :)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

If you're not jealous, then you don't love the person. If you don't love the person, then you're not supposed to be jealous.

I absolutely missed this - posting an entry, sharing my thoughts and everyday activities. School is actually pulling me away to those things that I really love to do but I don't have the right to complain or what. In fact, I'm enjoying it. Though it really makes my head aches all the time, I still find a reason to smile. Perhaps because of the people I am with everyday, those friends whom I will never exchange for anything. We are all trying to balance our time and I can say, it is really tough.

I admit, I'm pressured right now, trying to balance everything. It has been a tough semester for me. The midterm examinations just ended today and I have taken one of the easiest exams. Thank God for that. I just hope and pray that I'll be able to pass all my exams and be able to get passing midterm grades. I didn't study that much and as a matter of fact, I wasn't really ready when I was taking the exams. Oh well, I've been out the whole day last Sunday. Instead of reviewing, I was with my family, having fun in Batangas. Who would think that I have exams the next day? That's why I was so nervous when I was taking the exams last Monday.

I am not sure if everything is falling into its own places. Our thesis is showing some progress as we start the deployment on Saturday and hoping to finish the survey thingy the next week. In few weeks, we will be having another nerve-wracking defense and for sure, that would be more difficult than the one we had last semester. Our Seminar hasn't shown a bit of progress because we decided to look for another speaker. Yet until now, I haven't received any confirmation. Our seminar was rescheduled to September 27 and that is a Saturday. We actually had no choice but to agree with that. But hopefully, we can pull off a very successful seminar. *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow, we will be attending our second IT seminar at 3pm-7pm. It was rescheduled eh. It was supposed to start at 8pm and end at 12nn. I'm hoping that it would be a better seminar. Aside from the deployment thingy that my thesismates will be having on Saturday, we will also celebrate Rex's birthday at Trinoma from 7pm to 12am then after party will be held at his crib. I'm excited but I don't know if I could still make it to the after party but I hope I could. That would probably be his last birthday here in Pinas because after we graduate, he'll fly to US already.

Anyway, I'm kinda confused right now. But I chose to keep it to myself for now because I'm afraid that someone out there would accidentally read it. To give you a hint, it is about how I feel. That's the only detail I could give for now.

And one more thing, my laptop is not working well right now and I'm totally pissed off. I don't know how to resolve all the problems arising. It is like a disease eh, there are several complications that keep on coming. I do wish it will return back to normal or else, I might ask for a new laptop. Just kidding.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

He said, "you weren't supposed to mean this much to me, but you do." She said, "I know and I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you, but I did."

Last Friday, we attended the first IT Seminar organized by a group of MCSD students. Apparently, Dyei was a member of the group together with Paul and Julius. Their topic was IT Outsourcing and I must say that it was a success. Oh well, I was late and it was really a long story so I won't be elaborating it. After the seminar, I went home but eventually went to Rex's house to have fun with friends. We had kantahan and inuman session and I really had tons of fun. How I wish we were complete that time but we weren't. The girls went home at 7pm yet I arrived home at 9pm.

Last Saturday, I together with Daddy Carlo, Daddy Cesar and Ej fetched my balikbayan cousin, Jan Russell, at the airport. He is from Canada and he's here for a three-week vacation. To let you know, he speaks and understands a little Tagalog that's why we have to speak in English too. He is just a year younger than me and an incoming Freshman in University of British Columbia.

Last Sunday, we went to Cavite to drop the packages for Jan's auntie. It was quite a long drive but it was absolutely fun. We took our lunch there. Actually, his tita was surprised when he saw him because just then, we learned that she didn't have any idea that Jan would be coming to Pinas for a vacation. We had fun moment with his twin cousins, Alex and Anthony. The twins are really smart and friendly. We were supposed to drop by Tagaytay but kinda worried because of the continuous rain. So, we ended up going to SM Mall of Asia. As expected, there were lots of people there because it was a Sunday. That was also a perfect time to get our tickets for Alicia Keys concert. Yeah, you read it right. My tito, Jan's dad, bought us tickets to the concert because Alicia Keys is one of Jan's favorite RnB artists.

Yesterday, I took my first Midterm exam and it was quite difficult to think that it was just a major subject. But it doesn't bother me that much. After the exam, we went to our respective advisers for the consultation of our thesis. It is actually about the deployment thingy and the survey. Then, we all decided to unwind at Robinson's Place Manila. I was with Joanne, Jhen, Cha, Carla, Ian, Marco and Gian. We ate first and then decided to stroll around Rob since there are renovations made. We stayed at Tom's World to play but I didn't stay that long because I really have to go home already.

As soon as I arrived home, I saw my cousin and uncle all dressed up and prepared for the concert - Alicia Keys As I Am Live in Manila. I changed my clothes and off we went. We went directly to SMX Convention Center but it wasn't really the original venue. It was supposed to be held on the Open Field but since they are worried that the rain might suddenly pour, they decided to change the venue. A lot of people from different walks of life - rich, poor, celebrities, models, ordinary people - came there to witness Alicia Keys's live performances for the second time around. It was really jampacked. Three MTV VJs served as the emcees plus Luke Mijares and Duncan Ramos served as the front acts. I was bored when Luke and Duncan performed. Don't ask why. I wasn't the only one who got bored but almost all the people inside SMX including my cousin who doesn't know them. By the way, we were seated in front that's why we clearly saw the performers.

After the performances of the front acts, we waited for one hour before Alicia Keys went up the stage. She gave us very solid and entertaining performances. She is indeed beautiful and her voice is really amazing. I was fascinated with her performances. She's a good performer, indeed. She played her piano, as usual and she even danced. Her supposed last song was Like I'll Never See You Again but after she went down, everyone was screaming "MORE! MORE!" And our wish was granted. She even said, "I wouldn't let this end without you singing this song." Then the beat of No One started to play. We sang with her and everyone was so hyper that time. Until the music ended and she started to say her thanks to everyone who went there. She went down again but still the crowd kept on shouting "MORE!" So, she went back and sang her signature song If I Ain't Got You. She sang it beautifully. And that was the last song. It was such a great night, I swear. I love it.

Today, we went to Manila City Hall for some transactions and it took us four hours. I don't want to give so much details on that because I was kinda pissed with that. We later went to SM Manila to have our snacks. Then, I together with Joanne, Cha, Kelvin and Rey decided to go to school for the checking of our letters and surveys. We went home after that.

I'll try my best to keep this blog alive. I will never ever stop blogging. It's just that I will seldom post an entry because I am so busy with school. So, please bear with me.