Thursday, August 21, 2008

No matter how plain and simple you are, there's someone who will secretly surely look at you as if you are the most perfect creature ever existed.

I have been doing a lot of things lately. Talking about being busy. School's like hell now. I have a lot of school stuffs to accomplish and I have been very stressed out since last week. On the other hand, I had some fun moments with friends during the weekend and it was actually a sort of brain break for us.

Rex celebrated his 20th birthday last Saturday at Red Box in Trinoma. That same day, my thesismates and I were supposed to deploy our proposed network infrastructure for UDM. Everything was planned, as in all set. I have been texting my thesismates since the day before just to remind them about the things that we need to do the next day. Until a text message coming from the UDM professor that he wasn't available and that we have to move the schedule to 4pm of the same day. It was kinda a conflict since Rex's birthday celebration will start at 7pm and yet we have to be in Trinoma at 6pm. We were trying to think of a better way and came up with an idea of continue what has been planned and we should do all the preparations ahead of time.

We also decided to meet up at Ian's crib in Pasay. It was actually my first time there. I rode an LRT going to Libertad and waited for Ian to fetch me. As soon as we saw each other, we rode a jeep going to his house and met up with my other two groupmates. We started crimping the cable and fixing all the things we need. After an hour there, we decided to go to UDM. We looked for Mr. Pineda right away and received a bad news. F*ck. The office to which we will be getting the internet connection was closed. I was totally disappointed when I heard it. We had no choice but to cancel and just reschedule our deployment. We just talked to Sir Pineda for a little while and decided to go home so we could still ready ourselves for the party that evening.

The party was absolutely one of the best nights in the life of the Chillax. It was indeed memorable. Everyone was enjoying it. I really had fun. We sang and grooved. We were all hyper. Beers and cocktails were all over. Some of my guy friends were tipsy and honestly, that was my first time to see them in that behavior. I just laughed at them. I just can't believe that when they got drunk, they'll be like that. All in all, it was one heck of a fun night. After party was held in Rex's crib. Surprisingly, my mom and dad allowed me to stay overnight in Rex's house. We just walked from Trinoma. I slept at 2.30am while some slept at 5am. We woke up at 8am. I went home at 11am.

Our deployment last Tuesday, well I can say, wasn't really successful because of that effin' guy who used to interfere as if he knew what we were doing. He just really can't understand that what we were doing is for our thesis and it is up to the institution if they want our proposal be implemented. What I really can't understand was that he continued to interfere and act like he knows everything when in fact, he can't understand a bit of what we were doing. I was pissed off so as to my thesismates but we just made fun of it.

But we still need to go back there for that deployment. We have to do that or else, we're doomed. Here comes the bad news, the submission of Chapters 1 to 5 will be next week and until now, we haven't started doing the fourth chapter yet. My gosh! I'm going crazy. Hopefully, everything will fall into its own places. The only problem we have as of the moment is the video. We just need it so badly. I'm hoping to accomplish the video this Saturday. I really do hope. Please do pray for us.

Next in line would be our Seminar. OMG! Until now, I haven't received any confirmation coming from the possible speakers that we have contacted. I'm hoping and praying that I would receive the confirmation before Monday. Oh well, I hate being stressed out but i just can't help but feel it. But I know, after these effin' and tiring thesis and seminar, everything will be back to normal.

I'm so confused right now. I'm trying to observe everything, trying to find the answers to the questions going on inside my mind but I just end up empty-handed. I know I will find it in the right time. I'm sorry because I really can't post here the details about this crazy feeling. I want to keep it a secret first until I'm sure about it.

By the way, please do pray that I won't get crazy. hahahaha :)