Wednesday, August 6, 2008

He said, "you weren't supposed to mean this much to me, but you do." She said, "I know and I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you, but I did."

Last Friday, we attended the first IT Seminar organized by a group of MCSD students. Apparently, Dyei was a member of the group together with Paul and Julius. Their topic was IT Outsourcing and I must say that it was a success. Oh well, I was late and it was really a long story so I won't be elaborating it. After the seminar, I went home but eventually went to Rex's house to have fun with friends. We had kantahan and inuman session and I really had tons of fun. How I wish we were complete that time but we weren't. The girls went home at 7pm yet I arrived home at 9pm.

Last Saturday, I together with Daddy Carlo, Daddy Cesar and Ej fetched my balikbayan cousin, Jan Russell, at the airport. He is from Canada and he's here for a three-week vacation. To let you know, he speaks and understands a little Tagalog that's why we have to speak in English too. He is just a year younger than me and an incoming Freshman in University of British Columbia.

Last Sunday, we went to Cavite to drop the packages for Jan's auntie. It was quite a long drive but it was absolutely fun. We took our lunch there. Actually, his tita was surprised when he saw him because just then, we learned that she didn't have any idea that Jan would be coming to Pinas for a vacation. We had fun moment with his twin cousins, Alex and Anthony. The twins are really smart and friendly. We were supposed to drop by Tagaytay but kinda worried because of the continuous rain. So, we ended up going to SM Mall of Asia. As expected, there were lots of people there because it was a Sunday. That was also a perfect time to get our tickets for Alicia Keys concert. Yeah, you read it right. My tito, Jan's dad, bought us tickets to the concert because Alicia Keys is one of Jan's favorite RnB artists.

Yesterday, I took my first Midterm exam and it was quite difficult to think that it was just a major subject. But it doesn't bother me that much. After the exam, we went to our respective advisers for the consultation of our thesis. It is actually about the deployment thingy and the survey. Then, we all decided to unwind at Robinson's Place Manila. I was with Joanne, Jhen, Cha, Carla, Ian, Marco and Gian. We ate first and then decided to stroll around Rob since there are renovations made. We stayed at Tom's World to play but I didn't stay that long because I really have to go home already.

As soon as I arrived home, I saw my cousin and uncle all dressed up and prepared for the concert - Alicia Keys As I Am Live in Manila. I changed my clothes and off we went. We went directly to SMX Convention Center but it wasn't really the original venue. It was supposed to be held on the Open Field but since they are worried that the rain might suddenly pour, they decided to change the venue. A lot of people from different walks of life - rich, poor, celebrities, models, ordinary people - came there to witness Alicia Keys's live performances for the second time around. It was really jampacked. Three MTV VJs served as the emcees plus Luke Mijares and Duncan Ramos served as the front acts. I was bored when Luke and Duncan performed. Don't ask why. I wasn't the only one who got bored but almost all the people inside SMX including my cousin who doesn't know them. By the way, we were seated in front that's why we clearly saw the performers.

After the performances of the front acts, we waited for one hour before Alicia Keys went up the stage. She gave us very solid and entertaining performances. She is indeed beautiful and her voice is really amazing. I was fascinated with her performances. She's a good performer, indeed. She played her piano, as usual and she even danced. Her supposed last song was Like I'll Never See You Again but after she went down, everyone was screaming "MORE! MORE!" And our wish was granted. She even said, "I wouldn't let this end without you singing this song." Then the beat of No One started to play. We sang with her and everyone was so hyper that time. Until the music ended and she started to say her thanks to everyone who went there. She went down again but still the crowd kept on shouting "MORE!" So, she went back and sang her signature song If I Ain't Got You. She sang it beautifully. And that was the last song. It was such a great night, I swear. I love it.

Today, we went to Manila City Hall for some transactions and it took us four hours. I don't want to give so much details on that because I was kinda pissed with that. We later went to SM Manila to have our snacks. Then, I together with Joanne, Cha, Kelvin and Rey decided to go to school for the checking of our letters and surveys. We went home after that.

I'll try my best to keep this blog alive. I will never ever stop blogging. It's just that I will seldom post an entry because I am so busy with school. So, please bear with me.