Thursday, August 14, 2008

If you're not jealous, then you don't love the person. If you don't love the person, then you're not supposed to be jealous.

I absolutely missed this - posting an entry, sharing my thoughts and everyday activities. School is actually pulling me away to those things that I really love to do but I don't have the right to complain or what. In fact, I'm enjoying it. Though it really makes my head aches all the time, I still find a reason to smile. Perhaps because of the people I am with everyday, those friends whom I will never exchange for anything. We are all trying to balance our time and I can say, it is really tough.

I admit, I'm pressured right now, trying to balance everything. It has been a tough semester for me. The midterm examinations just ended today and I have taken one of the easiest exams. Thank God for that. I just hope and pray that I'll be able to pass all my exams and be able to get passing midterm grades. I didn't study that much and as a matter of fact, I wasn't really ready when I was taking the exams. Oh well, I've been out the whole day last Sunday. Instead of reviewing, I was with my family, having fun in Batangas. Who would think that I have exams the next day? That's why I was so nervous when I was taking the exams last Monday.

I am not sure if everything is falling into its own places. Our thesis is showing some progress as we start the deployment on Saturday and hoping to finish the survey thingy the next week. In few weeks, we will be having another nerve-wracking defense and for sure, that would be more difficult than the one we had last semester. Our Seminar hasn't shown a bit of progress because we decided to look for another speaker. Yet until now, I haven't received any confirmation. Our seminar was rescheduled to September 27 and that is a Saturday. We actually had no choice but to agree with that. But hopefully, we can pull off a very successful seminar. *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow, we will be attending our second IT seminar at 3pm-7pm. It was rescheduled eh. It was supposed to start at 8pm and end at 12nn. I'm hoping that it would be a better seminar. Aside from the deployment thingy that my thesismates will be having on Saturday, we will also celebrate Rex's birthday at Trinoma from 7pm to 12am then after party will be held at his crib. I'm excited but I don't know if I could still make it to the after party but I hope I could. That would probably be his last birthday here in Pinas because after we graduate, he'll fly to US already.

Anyway, I'm kinda confused right now. But I chose to keep it to myself for now because I'm afraid that someone out there would accidentally read it. To give you a hint, it is about how I feel. That's the only detail I could give for now.

And one more thing, my laptop is not working well right now and I'm totally pissed off. I don't know how to resolve all the problems arising. It is like a disease eh, there are several complications that keep on coming. I do wish it will return back to normal or else, I might ask for a new laptop. Just kidding.