Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

I'm fond of answering surveys and stuffs like that but not all the time. This time, I'm gonna answer one since I was tagged by Jam. So, here it goes.

Directions: List down ten things that recently made you happy then tag other ten people to spread the love.

1. Bowling at MOA

Last Saturday, my cousins and I went bowling at Bowling Center in Mall of Asia. It was somehow a bonding moment for all of us. It was actually Kuya Karl and Kuya Kenneth's treat to us. All of us enjoyed the day. I certainly had fun.

2. Family Outing in Batangas

We had our summer outing last Sunday and it was one heck of a fun day. Though the drive from Manila to San Juan, Batangas was really long, still, the moments we had there should be put in the treasure chest and be cherished for a lifetime.

3. A new shirt from Robinson's

My mom bought me a new purple shirt that I will wear on the upcoming Fiesta in our place.

4. Load courtesy of Mom

My cellphone has not been loaded for how many weeks now. It is a good thing that my mom loaded me so that I will be able to text my friends whom I really miss a lot.

5. Non-stop communication with friends

I have been communicating with my friends through friendster. We just keep on updating ourselves about what's happening on us.

6. Gossip Girl

The series just premiered again last week and it really made me happy because I am able to see my Nate Archibald aka Chace Crawford and the ever beautiful Blair Waldorf aka Leighton Meester.

7. Kuya Ojie's 21st Birthday

It was some sort of reunion because a lot of guests came, mostly, relatives. And I was able to see my former crush once again after how many years of not seeing each other. It is a good feeling, actually.

8. A pair of sandals

My dad bought me a new of pair of Havaianas sandals. It is color white, by the way.

9. A pair of shorts

I bought a new pair of shorts from Tomato which I will wear on Sunday to be paired on the new shirt that my mom bought.

10. Family and Friends

I know I shouldn't be considering them as things but they are the reasons of my everyday happiness, smiles and laughters.

In return, I'm tagging anyone who wants to answer this survey, as well.

Monday, April 28, 2008

I hate people who breaks promises but I hate myself more for even though the promise was already broken, I still expect it to be done.

I had a super duper fun weekend. For the past two days, I was with my family doing sport-related activities. Being with them is always a blast and nothing can beat that. I'm so happy and thankful to God because he gave me people like them. The tiresome activities and body pains are all worthwhile.


April 26, 2008

I didn't come to my friend's party at his crib the day before (April 25, 2008) because I, together with my cousins will be going out. They said that it would be in the morning but the plans suddenly changed and moved it in the afternoon. It was quite disappointing because I'm really eager to attend to my friend's party which was on overnight but was not able to. But, you know, for every disappointing situation, there will come a surprising scene awaits us.

I, together with Kuya Ojie, Kuya Paulo and Jasper went to Mall of Asia, which happens to be our meeting place, early in the afternoon. I think it was around 12.30pm when we left the house and arrived there at around 1.15-1.30pm. I'm not just sure about the time. Going back, we met Elaize and Dang there who were on the place earlier than us. We strolled a little wait until we received a text message from Ate Cecile that she, together with Kuya Garry and Jun were already in the Bowling Center of the said mall. We went there and stayed for a while. Then later we found out that 3pm was the meeting time. We were super early.

To kill the time, we strolled around the mall. After which, Kuya Garry and Ate Cecile treated us for a cone of ice cream from Jollibee. By the way, there was a show going on that time and we even saw Iya Villania who is undeniably pretty on and off camera.

MOA is huge and it was very tiring to walk around so we decided to stay in the Bowling Center and wait for the others to come. We had some picture taking first using Ate Cecile and Elaize's digicams. After how many minutes, they started to arrive. But since the lanes were still in used, because there was a tournament going on, we decided to play Billiards first. First match up: Kuya Karl versus Kuya Ojie. I didn't know that Kuya Karl plays billiards well and he beat the latter. Next game: Kuya Garry versus Kuya Karl. We just killed the time watching them play.

Bowling is fun and I can prove that. After all, I have taken bowling as my PE3 during my Sophomore year. It is much more enjoying when you are with your family or friends. We had 3 lanes and everyone got the chance to play. It was indeed fun. You can see genuine smiles on our faces and hear never ending laughters. Well, even the kids played.

We had our own tournament. We were grouped into three wherein the team leaders were Kuya Karl, Kuya Kenneth and Kuya Ruel. I belong to Kuya Karl's group. We did a very great job because we won. And it was because of Kuya Karl after having five consecutive strikes. He has it from his dad because Tito Lito is also good in bowling. But Kuya Kenneth, his brother, is good in playing the sport too. It really runs in the family.

We were shouting and screaming there. People kept on staring and glaring us but we didn't care. It was really fun. We finished at 8pm and started to go home because we'll have an outing the next day

April 27, 2008

We woke up early. And when I say early, it was super duper early. We left the house at 3.30am and went directly to Caltex in SLEX to wait for the others. We waited there for about an hour and I admit, I hated it. We all woke up early but all of them were late. How come? As soon as they arrived, we headed to our cars and rode.

By the way, our destination was Virgin Beach Resort in San Juan Batangas. We arrived there at around 9.30am but I ain't sure about the time. I wasn't really feeling well that time because of the long drive. I certainly felt bad. We rented four cottages. We fixed our things then off we went to the comfort room to change clothes. We took our yummy breakfast consisting of spaghetti, fried rice, hotdog, tuyo and egg.

We applied lots and lots of sunblock to prevent our skin from getting tanned. And knowing me, I'm so conscious when it comes to my skin so I made sure that sunblock was applied all over my body. And since it wasn't that hot that time, we went to the shore and feel the water. We even tasted it and it was super salty. We played with the sand until we felt a bit tired. We stayed in the cottage until we fell a sleep.

Then the rest of the gang came and we all prepared our lunch. We have a lot of yummy and delicious foods to choose from. I was surprised with the number of foods set in the table. We had all kinds and varieties, from pork to chicken to fish. And we also had desserts (chocolate and carrot cakes). Just imagine how many calories and fats we have taken.

We did a lot of things there. Good thing, the sun didn't showed up that much that's why we had a lot more time playing with the sand and swimming in the ocean. We played volleyball. Mommy + KuyaPau + Jasper + Jun + Elaize + Dang versus KuyaKarl + AteCecile + KuyaGarry + KuyaOjie + Cez + Kevin and we won in two sets. We beat them and we had a lot of fun. Picture taking, of course, was there. Laughters were heard. Even the senior citizens were laughing and throwing jokes. Though some didn't expose themselves in the water and under the sun, still, they enjoyed, as well.

In short, it was one heck of a fun day. It was tiring indeed but it was all worthwhile. I know how much Kuya Karl and Kuya Kenneth will miss those moments. To let you know, they will be flying back to New York on the 29th. I'm gonna miss them, for sure.

April 28, 2008

I woke up feeling the pain all over the body and of course, reminiscing all the things that had happened the day before. I just can't help but smile. I thought Kuya Karl and Kuya Kenneth will be dropping by here to bid farewell to our grannies but the plan didn't pursue because they still need to accomplish a lot of things today.

Oh well! I'm going to miss them. The moments they had spent here with us were certainly memories to treasure forever. And besides, we bonded like hell. But they'll be flying back here on June next year and I really can't wait. Till next time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Leaving the person who took a risk just to make you feel how much he/she loves you is just like killing the person who just saved your life.

April 20, 2008

We were all busy preparing for my Kuya Ojie's 21st Birthday. Since Friday, he was not in the house together with Kuya Paulo because they went out and had fun with Kuya Karl and Kuya Kenneth. They just arrived home Sunday afternoon. It was his debut as he stepped into the status of a full grown man.

Kuya Ojie is my closest guy cousin and ever since we were young, I consider him as my big brother because I didn't have any. He is really close to my parents, especially my mom. My mom consider him as her real son. We maintain a very tight relationship until now and I'm very much happy because I found a brother in him. He is indeed one of a kind.

He didn't have any idea about the celebration. All he knows was that his dad would be cooking something to celebrate his manhood. But all of a sudden, plans have been changed. Tito Eddie, his dad, contacted almost all of our relatives and loved ones to come over and take part on this event. It wasn't a gracious and grand event but it was some sort of a reunion and inuman session just to celebrate the new chapter in my so-called brother's life.

He was really surprised when he knew about it. At first, he was quite disappointed (I know he shouldn't be) because he wasn't informed (of course, there's no surprise if he is informed). But his reason was that if he really knew that we will be having this kind of celebration, he would be able to invite his high school and college friends to come over but it was really late to invite those people.

Guests started to came at 6pm and it was indeed a blast. There were a lot of people who came and took part in this celebration. Our relatives were there and of course, inuman session was present. Yeah, I drank but only two bottles of San Mig Light because I was afraid that rashes might appear once again on my skin. It was so much fun. Laughters were heard everywhere and I'm pretty sure that Kuya Ojie enjoyed his party as much as we, the guests, enjoyed it.

Only two of his friends came over. One was a college friend who apparently, a classmate of mine on few subjects. I just know him by face but not by name. We are not close, as in. And the other one was a high school friend. I was super surprised to see him because I had a past with him, meaning, only me and not him. Oh well, I had this huge crush on him since junior high school (he was senior high school then) until my freshman year in college. When I say huge, it was really big. Kuya Ojie and this guy have been really close ever since and he is even close to my mom until now. He brought his girlfriend with him but the girl went home early. I didn't feel any bitterness or what but it's good to know that after all, he found the girl for him (I guess).

I had a picture of me with him and Kuya Ojie and it was really cool. After how many years of yearning of his picture, I got one already and this time, we were together in the picture and I sat beside him. Okay, to make things clear, I don't like him anymore and I'm so over him but seeing him once more is such a great feeling. It was kinda awkward though because he used to look at me for no reason. I even caught him taking a glimpse of me which made our eyes met. It was really uncomfortable. It was indeed a crazy yet wonderful feeling to see him again.

We had some picture taking before some of the guests went home. The party ended late and I didn't even remember it since I slept already.

April 22, 2008

My mom woke me up early in the morning because I made a promise to Reina, a cousin, that I will be accompanying her as she take her non-professional driver's license at LTO (which is apparently near to our place). We were with Daddy Carlo and good thing, he brought the car so we didn't have to commute going to the place.

When we arrived there, only few were there so I said to myself, it was good, because everyday, I used to see an immense number of people going in and out of LTO. She first took a Drug test near the place and it took us 30 minutes, I guess. Then, we went back and passed the applications and waited for her name to be called.

When she was called, we proceeded to the next station and I was really stupefied with the large number of people waiting for their names to be called. A lot of people was there and I didn't expect it. So, we waited until lunch break came. We decided to go home first and took our lunch. After lunch break, they (Daddy Carlo and Reina) went back and I decided not to go with them because I was so tired waiting and waiting for nothing.

Mommy, Ninang Chie, Camille and I went to Tutuban, 168 and Divisoria Mall for some reasons. Camille bought a new pair of pants because she'll be celebrating her birthday the next day. Ninang Chie and Mom were there to look for footwears that will be sent to US for Ninang Elsie. I was there for nothing, just to ease my boredom. Because being at home is somehow sickening. It was tiring yet fun.

April 23, 2008

Today is Camille's 10th Birthday and we didn't have any grand celebration. Nanay (my grandmother) cooked Spaghetti and Chicken for us. It was so delicious, as always. Her mom bought cake and ice cream. We had fun though it was just simple.

Our supposed party @ Alchemy was cancelled and was rescheduled to Friday. It was a better idea but I guess, I will fail to attend JL's birthday party on that same day. Too bad. Outing will be on Sunday and I'm pretty much excited.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's better to let someone know that you like them, so they know how to stop hurting you than keeping your mouth shut, but letting your heart die and fall.

I really had fun today. I thought this day would become another boring and unproductive day for me but it turned out the other way around. Though this morning, I did nothing but to face the television and watched whatever shows that I find interesting and pleasing to watch.

Kuya Karl together with his older brother, Kuya Kenneth visited us today. He even gave us their pasalubongs for us. Yey! haha :P I finally met in person Kuya Kenneth because I gt to use in seeing him in pictures only because when they left the Philippines, I wasn't born yet. I met their older sister, Ate Kristine though because she went here when I was around 5 years old. And I even slept beside her. It was really a good feeling that I met him.

The two of them stayed here in the house for a long time before they went down and talked to some of our relatives. I had a good time talking to Kuya Karl but kinda nosebleed. Just kidding. Well, they can understand Tagalog but they find it hard to speak the native language. I also checked the pictures in his digital camera taken during his birthday. It was held in a bar in New York.

I, together with my mom and Camille, went to MCS which is my former school to check on the tuition fee because Camille will still be studying there and she's on her 5th Grade already. A summer training was going on that time and since we are close to the Core Commander of the CAT which is Mr. Barbosa, we stayed there for a little while. Mom talked to Sir Barbs, Kuya Ryan and Kuya Peng while Camille and I just walked around the campus. So many things changed since I last visited the school. It's good that school is able to adapt to the changes around and offer a better quality of services for the students.

As we returned home, we saw Kuya Karl, Kuya Kenneth and the rest of the guys boarding the cars. They invited us to join them as they will have some snacks at SM San Lazaro. At first, we were kinda hesitant but then, Kuya Karl kept on persuading us and we really can't do anything about it. We went there using Tito Willie and Kuya Ruel's cars.

We headed directly at Chowking because we were all craving for Halo-Halo. You know, the weather is totally hot and halo-halo refreshes us in some ways. We chit-chatted for quite a while, laugh trip and all. We were able to see Reina and Ate PJ walking around. They bought something there. When we finished eating, we went home.

They had some inuman first before Kuya Karl and Kuya Kenneth went home to have some rest. They are still going somewhere eh. I think, they'll be going to a bar to meet some of Kuya Karl's friends.

I'm excited about the upcoming family outing. Oh yeah! And by the way, pictures are now uploaded in my Multiply.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One of the most amazing thing in the world is having someone fall in love with you who you thought you never had a chance with.

All I want to do now is to scream because of too much boredom. I hate it. The fact that I can't do anything new makes it more irritating and annoying. I have been doing the same stuffs everyday and it sucks a lot. I want to do something new or just to make myself busy.

By the way, Kuya Karl, a cousin of mine who is residing in New York, arrived last Saturday. Yesterday, he visited us here and it's good to see him again. Well, the last time he went here was November 2007. He's here for a three-week vacation. Originally, it would only be one week because he's just attending a wedding of a friend here in the Philippines but all of a sudden, there's a change of plans but it's good, right? He ordered six boxes of pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut. He gave the two boxes to us and the rest are for my uncles and aunts. Yummy, as ever. I just love pizzas from Pizza Hut.

I have eaten three slices, I guess. I know that's too much but what can I do, I love pizzas so much. And because of that, I have to burn all the calories I have taken for three weeks. I should not eat too much carbohydrates so that it would be easier for me to burn those calories I have taken because of the tempting pizzas. I need to do some exercise and watch all the foods that I eat. And besides, I have promised myself that on this summer vacation, I will undergo diet for weight loss. So far, I've been doing good except for the pizza part. haha :D

Tomorrow, Kuya Kenneth, older brother of Kuya Karl, will also be arriving here in the Philippines for a vacation. I can sense that these coming days will be so much fun. A lot of bonding moments and gimmicks will be set. I really can't wait.

Also, tomorrow is Ian's Birthday and they have already set an inuman session to celebrate his special day. I don't know who will come but I'm pretty sure that it will be an overnight. I guess, I won't be coming for the main reason that I still don't have money in my pocket. My money has been borrowed and has not been returned yet. Plus, Joanne and Eunice are not coming and Kath is still unsure. Another fun moment that I'm gonna be missing. Hay.

Anyway, I'm hooked to Miami Ink, a tatoo shop that has been made into a TV show with the same title. All the tatoos that they've been creating are awesome and fantastic. Actually, words are not enough to express how good the artists are. They are Ami James, Chris Nuñez, Chris Garver, Darren Brass and Yoji Harada. The owner of the shop are the first two people that I have mentioned. It is aired everyday at 11pm. My day isn't complete without watching it. Sounds funny, ayt?

I miss my friends so much. I can't wait to see them all again. When? I still don't know.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I fell so hard for him. I did love him more than anyone else. And now, I want him to stay away from me.

I had a super tiring morning. There was an operation organized by the Chairman and his staff in our barangay. They didn't give a title to it so I called it as Operation Circumcision. haha :P Since my uncle is a Kagawad in our barangay, we have to help. Volunteers from Red Cross and from different colleges and universities came to help in the said operation.

Actually, I didn't volunteer myself to be part of it but they volunteered me. But don't get me wrong, I was just assigned as a secretary of some sort. I just wrote the medical prescriptions and some things that they should do so the wound will be easily healed. We also distributed medicines enough for three days. Together with me were Kuya Paulo and Ej.

An immense number of kids came to be part of the operation. And I must say that it was a huge success. The organizers only expected 60 kids but it exceeded. I admit, I was kinda annoyed because of their attitudes. But then, let's give it, they are just kids and it's normal for them to act that way.

In return, we received free lunch from the organizers. haha :P It was tiring, indeed. I have to give out several copies of the prescriptions, to think that it should only be handwritten. Then, the heat of the sun was so painful and the place was so noisy.

It was fun, though. It was such a nice experience for me and it's also a good feeling that I was able to take part of our community's program. Whenever I see those boys who have finished undergoing the process, I can't help but smile and laugh with the comments that the other boys used to give. They were so brave because even though they have already seen those boys who have undergone circumcision, you cannot see any nervousness on their faces. They were much excited about it, in fact.

Okay, I have seen a lot of, you know what I'm talking about. Actually, my cousin took pictures while the process was on-going. I'll just upload the pictures soon. And by the way, the people who were doing it were just students of the medical course. They have finished a four-year pre-med course and now they are on their first year of medical course. They are so young and yet, it looks like they have a lot of experience. I guess, medicine course is fun. But I have no plans of shifting. haha :P

The rest of the day, I was just staying in the house surfing the net and watching TV. Boredom.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You can never have the right person if you will never let go of the wrong one.

I've been doing the same routines everyday and it is so sickening. It is so boring here in the house. I barely go out and it sucks big time. That's what I hate about vacation eh, you've got to do the same stuffs and all. I miss Letran and the people I used to see there. Hay.

By the way, did I mention that my dad bought new stuffs for our personal computer and laptop? He bought keyboard, mouse, headset and webcam for my laptop. yey! New stuffs to use. I will also ask him to buy a wireless router so that the laptop and pc can access the internet all at the same time.

But good thing, Kuya Karl will be spending a week here in the Philippines. He is a cousin of mine who is residing in New York. The last time he went here was last November where he spent a two-week vacation. And since he enjoyed his stay here, he wants to come back. And another reason is that he'll be one of the secondary sponsors on his friend's wedding. It's good, you know because I know we'll be going out a lot.

Then, days after his arrival, his brother, Kuya Kenneth will be coming also to have a two-week vacation. I know how they missed the Philippines and us, of course because they have been living there for 10 years. The last time Kuya Kenneth went here was a long time ago and I even can't remember it. So, it's good to know that he'll be coming here.

Well, the two of them are really close to my mom and grandparents. My mom used to tell me that during the time that she was still single, she really took care of the two. They are her alaga. She used to walked them to school and even fetched them. They used to sleep beside my mom. My mom loves them so much and it's good to know that they feel the same way.

I remember when Kuya Karl arrived here last November, he first went to our house to see my mom and my grannies. He missed them a lot. I've seen a lot of hugs and even tears fell. It's good to see them reunite again. And now, I can't wait to see Kuya Kenneth because I haven't really seen him in person. I'm so excited to see them both.

Anyway, I used to kill my boredom by watching movies which I downloaded from the internet. After downloading it for four hours or more, I'm gonna watch it then delete it. I know it's a waste of time and energy but I'm so lazy going to Quiapo and buy lots of DVD there. Big big thanks to the internet. Aside from that, I used to watch It Started with a Kiss 2: They Kissed Again since I finished watching Gossip Girl. I just can't wait for the premiere again of Gossip Girl on the 21st of April.

Well, I have this idea in order for me to ease this boredom. Because it has been weeks since vacation started yet I feel this kind of feeling. I thought of studying, I mean, recalling my past lessons and try to understand all of those as much as possible. Because I'll be a graduating student this coming school year and after that, I'll be facing the real world and it may require me to apply all the knowledge that I have acquired during my four-year stay in Letran. It sounds scary but I know I have to face it. Only one year left and them I'm done with my student life. Waaaaaah. I don't want to think about it. I just don't want to end this life I'm living now. I love school and I love the people I used to meet there.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sometimes, you have to stop loving the most important person in your life, not because the spark is gone, but because that person is unintentionally making you feel worthless.

I had a super blast weekend. Lots of events and tons of fun memories to treasure. Recap.

April 4, 2008

It was Kuya Paulo's 20th Birthday. That was the reason I gave to my friends why I couldn't make it to the outing. I really didn't regret the fact that I didn't come with them because I really had a fun Friday afternoon. I wasn't expecting of a big celebration though some of his friends and classmates came over to have some lunch and inuman, as ever.

My mom and I went to SMSL to buy gifts since we will be attending a double celebration on Sunday for Eross and Reign. We just strolled a little while inside the department store. After buying the presents, we strolled again. I found a cute pair of shorts at Tomato. We dropped by several stalls first before I finally bought the shorts. That's me eh. Before settling down on any apparel, I really have to check other stalls so I won't regret if ever I buy that thing.

After that, we had an inuman to celebrate Kuya Pau's birthday. Present were my cousins, of course. Since I'm not used to drinking alcoholic drinks, we just had San Mig light. I got tipsy after having five bottles of the said beer. I really enjoyed the bonding moment I had with them. One of the things why I enjoy being with them.

That same day, my friends came back from their two-day outing. I know how much they missed us (those who didn't make it) and there's no room for denying it because I really know that they do. Hopefully, the next time they'll plan of an out of town trip, I can join them already.

April 5, 2008

I woke up because of the itchiness I felt. I checked it out and found a lot of rashes all over my body. I let my mom check it and she thought that it was allergies while I thought that it was bungang-araw. She kept on asking me what I ate and all but I can't remember anything that can make me feel that way except for the beer I drank the day before. It was so itchy that I can't stop myself from scratching. I guess, that was because of the beer. Oh well, lesson learned again. I should not drink a lot of beers, one to two bottles will do.

It was also the debut celebration of Jhen, a cousin of mine, though her real birthday is on the 10th. It was like a double celebration because her brother turned 21 the day before. Both of them are debutantes. haha :D Anyway, I was part of the 18 shots and my mom was part of the 18 treasures. It was held at Teatrillo, Intramuros.

My hair was done on a parlor near us. Since Kuya Mandy has an appointment, I can't let him do my hair and make-up. It was actually funny because a lady there asked me how old am I and I told her that I'm 18. She was kinda surprised and told me that I look like 15. haha :D Do I really look like 3 years younger than my real age?

Daddy Carlo drove us off to the venue. Before the party started, a mass was celebrated. It was a great night. Her family, loved ones and friends came over to celebrate the new chapter in her life - womanhood. It was fun, everything was organized. A job well done to the coordinator who is also the cousin of the debutante. With that, I want to have a debut celebration once more. haha :D

Because of that, we failed to attend the surprise party for Tita Purita. She turned 60 and Ate Alexis planned of a surprise party for her at Racks El Pueblo. But because my mom and I have participation on Jhen's Debut, we can't attend Tita Purita's party.

April 6, 2008

We attended Eross' Christening and Reign's 6th Birthday at Kamayan in Ermita, Manila. I was with my mom, my brother, Daddy Cesar, Mommy Jovie, Camille and Cha-cha. When we reached the venue, I was dumbfounded with the crowd because a lot of event was going on that time. The foods, as always were yummy but the foods we ate before, with Kuya Karl, were yummier. I had a great time, though. It was another fun day. We went home at 3pm.

I was encouraging them to drop by Rob Place but they didn't want to and I can't do anything about it. Once we got home, I fell a sleep. When I woke up, I watched two movies then transferred the pictures taken since Friday to my laptop. And now, it's ready to be uploaded in my Multiply.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just when you've moved on and thought you've finally gone far enough, something brings you to a touchstone and that's when you realize that love has a habit of coming back.

The Chillax Summer Getaway will push through but by this time, I'm not going to join them. There are more or less 15 people who will join the outing and only 10 of them are the real Chillax members. Everytime I think that I can't be with them, I feel a bit sad. Because, honestly, I wanna be with them and join them on our annual summer trip but I really can't. Actually, I don't have any problems at all since I already have saved money for it and my parents even allowed me to go but because neither Joanne nor Eunice will join, I will not also. Why? For the main reason that the trip will be more of a lovers trip. Well, most of them will be going in pairs and I don't have any. Who am I going to be with during our stay there? I know Kath will be joining but her boyfriend will be there also.

I gave them a very lame reason. I told Niko and Marco that my cousin's birthday will be on Friday (because it's an overnight outing and they will be leaving tomorrow) though it's true. But he will not have any celebration at all. Plus I don't want to get tan because I'll be attending a Debut party on Saturday. Niko was the one who kept on persuading me to join the outing and he even promised that he'll text my mom so that she'll allow me to go. And Marco, on the other hand, was the one who kept on pushing me to come with them and who never believed me that I don't have money for the trip. They kept on telling me how enjoying and fun it will be. I know how disappointed they were when they knew my final decision but I can't change it anymore. I know I'm gonna miss a lot of memories but what can I do? Plus I don't want to change my decision in just a snap because I know it ain't good. And right now, I'm feeling bad and I think I'm gonna be having cough and colds.

I just promised them that I will make it up to them next time. It is really hard to decide. Hay. But I hope I did the right thing. A promise is a promise so the next time that they will plan for a barkada trip, I have to go with them.

There will be an inuman on Friday afternoon till dawn. Yeah, I told you, on Friday is my cousin's birthday but he will not have any grand celebration, just a simple one. Then, I'll be attending a Debut Party on Saturday at somewhere in Intramuros. On Sunday, we're going to attend a Christening at somewhere in Ermita. Oh yeah! I'm busy this coming weekends.

Also, I'm planning of a reunion with my high school friends next week. But I haven't informed them about it. Hopefully, our schedules will fit so we could see each other once more and bond like we always do during our high school days. I missed them so much. I haven't seen them for quite a long time.

By the way, I have seen my grades already and I'm very much satisfied about it but not with the World Lit. It sucks big time! My grade just got lower as if I didn't attend the class during the final term, it isn't line of 7 though. I hate my professor for that. Well, all students who are taking that subject for this semester got low grades and I don't know why. Maybe because our grades have been pulled by the oh so difficult and bloody Final exam wherein we just guessed. But all in all, I'm pretty much satisfied with the outcome and how the second semester ended.