Friday, April 18, 2008

It's better to let someone know that you like them, so they know how to stop hurting you than keeping your mouth shut, but letting your heart die and fall.

I really had fun today. I thought this day would become another boring and unproductive day for me but it turned out the other way around. Though this morning, I did nothing but to face the television and watched whatever shows that I find interesting and pleasing to watch.

Kuya Karl together with his older brother, Kuya Kenneth visited us today. He even gave us their pasalubongs for us. Yey! haha :P I finally met in person Kuya Kenneth because I gt to use in seeing him in pictures only because when they left the Philippines, I wasn't born yet. I met their older sister, Ate Kristine though because she went here when I was around 5 years old. And I even slept beside her. It was really a good feeling that I met him.

The two of them stayed here in the house for a long time before they went down and talked to some of our relatives. I had a good time talking to Kuya Karl but kinda nosebleed. Just kidding. Well, they can understand Tagalog but they find it hard to speak the native language. I also checked the pictures in his digital camera taken during his birthday. It was held in a bar in New York.

I, together with my mom and Camille, went to MCS which is my former school to check on the tuition fee because Camille will still be studying there and she's on her 5th Grade already. A summer training was going on that time and since we are close to the Core Commander of the CAT which is Mr. Barbosa, we stayed there for a little while. Mom talked to Sir Barbs, Kuya Ryan and Kuya Peng while Camille and I just walked around the campus. So many things changed since I last visited the school. It's good that school is able to adapt to the changes around and offer a better quality of services for the students.

As we returned home, we saw Kuya Karl, Kuya Kenneth and the rest of the guys boarding the cars. They invited us to join them as they will have some snacks at SM San Lazaro. At first, we were kinda hesitant but then, Kuya Karl kept on persuading us and we really can't do anything about it. We went there using Tito Willie and Kuya Ruel's cars.

We headed directly at Chowking because we were all craving for Halo-Halo. You know, the weather is totally hot and halo-halo refreshes us in some ways. We chit-chatted for quite a while, laugh trip and all. We were able to see Reina and Ate PJ walking around. They bought something there. When we finished eating, we went home.

They had some inuman first before Kuya Karl and Kuya Kenneth went home to have some rest. They are still going somewhere eh. I think, they'll be going to a bar to meet some of Kuya Karl's friends.

I'm excited about the upcoming family outing. Oh yeah! And by the way, pictures are now uploaded in my Multiply.