Monday, April 28, 2008

I hate people who breaks promises but I hate myself more for even though the promise was already broken, I still expect it to be done.

I had a super duper fun weekend. For the past two days, I was with my family doing sport-related activities. Being with them is always a blast and nothing can beat that. I'm so happy and thankful to God because he gave me people like them. The tiresome activities and body pains are all worthwhile.


April 26, 2008

I didn't come to my friend's party at his crib the day before (April 25, 2008) because I, together with my cousins will be going out. They said that it would be in the morning but the plans suddenly changed and moved it in the afternoon. It was quite disappointing because I'm really eager to attend to my friend's party which was on overnight but was not able to. But, you know, for every disappointing situation, there will come a surprising scene awaits us.

I, together with Kuya Ojie, Kuya Paulo and Jasper went to Mall of Asia, which happens to be our meeting place, early in the afternoon. I think it was around 12.30pm when we left the house and arrived there at around 1.15-1.30pm. I'm not just sure about the time. Going back, we met Elaize and Dang there who were on the place earlier than us. We strolled a little wait until we received a text message from Ate Cecile that she, together with Kuya Garry and Jun were already in the Bowling Center of the said mall. We went there and stayed for a while. Then later we found out that 3pm was the meeting time. We were super early.

To kill the time, we strolled around the mall. After which, Kuya Garry and Ate Cecile treated us for a cone of ice cream from Jollibee. By the way, there was a show going on that time and we even saw Iya Villania who is undeniably pretty on and off camera.

MOA is huge and it was very tiring to walk around so we decided to stay in the Bowling Center and wait for the others to come. We had some picture taking first using Ate Cecile and Elaize's digicams. After how many minutes, they started to arrive. But since the lanes were still in used, because there was a tournament going on, we decided to play Billiards first. First match up: Kuya Karl versus Kuya Ojie. I didn't know that Kuya Karl plays billiards well and he beat the latter. Next game: Kuya Garry versus Kuya Karl. We just killed the time watching them play.

Bowling is fun and I can prove that. After all, I have taken bowling as my PE3 during my Sophomore year. It is much more enjoying when you are with your family or friends. We had 3 lanes and everyone got the chance to play. It was indeed fun. You can see genuine smiles on our faces and hear never ending laughters. Well, even the kids played.

We had our own tournament. We were grouped into three wherein the team leaders were Kuya Karl, Kuya Kenneth and Kuya Ruel. I belong to Kuya Karl's group. We did a very great job because we won. And it was because of Kuya Karl after having five consecutive strikes. He has it from his dad because Tito Lito is also good in bowling. But Kuya Kenneth, his brother, is good in playing the sport too. It really runs in the family.

We were shouting and screaming there. People kept on staring and glaring us but we didn't care. It was really fun. We finished at 8pm and started to go home because we'll have an outing the next day

April 27, 2008

We woke up early. And when I say early, it was super duper early. We left the house at 3.30am and went directly to Caltex in SLEX to wait for the others. We waited there for about an hour and I admit, I hated it. We all woke up early but all of them were late. How come? As soon as they arrived, we headed to our cars and rode.

By the way, our destination was Virgin Beach Resort in San Juan Batangas. We arrived there at around 9.30am but I ain't sure about the time. I wasn't really feeling well that time because of the long drive. I certainly felt bad. We rented four cottages. We fixed our things then off we went to the comfort room to change clothes. We took our yummy breakfast consisting of spaghetti, fried rice, hotdog, tuyo and egg.

We applied lots and lots of sunblock to prevent our skin from getting tanned. And knowing me, I'm so conscious when it comes to my skin so I made sure that sunblock was applied all over my body. And since it wasn't that hot that time, we went to the shore and feel the water. We even tasted it and it was super salty. We played with the sand until we felt a bit tired. We stayed in the cottage until we fell a sleep.

Then the rest of the gang came and we all prepared our lunch. We have a lot of yummy and delicious foods to choose from. I was surprised with the number of foods set in the table. We had all kinds and varieties, from pork to chicken to fish. And we also had desserts (chocolate and carrot cakes). Just imagine how many calories and fats we have taken.

We did a lot of things there. Good thing, the sun didn't showed up that much that's why we had a lot more time playing with the sand and swimming in the ocean. We played volleyball. Mommy + KuyaPau + Jasper + Jun + Elaize + Dang versus KuyaKarl + AteCecile + KuyaGarry + KuyaOjie + Cez + Kevin and we won in two sets. We beat them and we had a lot of fun. Picture taking, of course, was there. Laughters were heard. Even the senior citizens were laughing and throwing jokes. Though some didn't expose themselves in the water and under the sun, still, they enjoyed, as well.

In short, it was one heck of a fun day. It was tiring indeed but it was all worthwhile. I know how much Kuya Karl and Kuya Kenneth will miss those moments. To let you know, they will be flying back to New York on the 29th. I'm gonna miss them, for sure.

April 28, 2008

I woke up feeling the pain all over the body and of course, reminiscing all the things that had happened the day before. I just can't help but smile. I thought Kuya Karl and Kuya Kenneth will be dropping by here to bid farewell to our grannies but the plan didn't pursue because they still need to accomplish a lot of things today.

Oh well! I'm going to miss them. The moments they had spent here with us were certainly memories to treasure forever. And besides, we bonded like hell. But they'll be flying back here on June next year and I really can't wait. Till next time.