Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Leaving the person who took a risk just to make you feel how much he/she loves you is just like killing the person who just saved your life.

April 20, 2008

We were all busy preparing for my Kuya Ojie's 21st Birthday. Since Friday, he was not in the house together with Kuya Paulo because they went out and had fun with Kuya Karl and Kuya Kenneth. They just arrived home Sunday afternoon. It was his debut as he stepped into the status of a full grown man.

Kuya Ojie is my closest guy cousin and ever since we were young, I consider him as my big brother because I didn't have any. He is really close to my parents, especially my mom. My mom consider him as her real son. We maintain a very tight relationship until now and I'm very much happy because I found a brother in him. He is indeed one of a kind.

He didn't have any idea about the celebration. All he knows was that his dad would be cooking something to celebrate his manhood. But all of a sudden, plans have been changed. Tito Eddie, his dad, contacted almost all of our relatives and loved ones to come over and take part on this event. It wasn't a gracious and grand event but it was some sort of a reunion and inuman session just to celebrate the new chapter in my so-called brother's life.

He was really surprised when he knew about it. At first, he was quite disappointed (I know he shouldn't be) because he wasn't informed (of course, there's no surprise if he is informed). But his reason was that if he really knew that we will be having this kind of celebration, he would be able to invite his high school and college friends to come over but it was really late to invite those people.

Guests started to came at 6pm and it was indeed a blast. There were a lot of people who came and took part in this celebration. Our relatives were there and of course, inuman session was present. Yeah, I drank but only two bottles of San Mig Light because I was afraid that rashes might appear once again on my skin. It was so much fun. Laughters were heard everywhere and I'm pretty sure that Kuya Ojie enjoyed his party as much as we, the guests, enjoyed it.

Only two of his friends came over. One was a college friend who apparently, a classmate of mine on few subjects. I just know him by face but not by name. We are not close, as in. And the other one was a high school friend. I was super surprised to see him because I had a past with him, meaning, only me and not him. Oh well, I had this huge crush on him since junior high school (he was senior high school then) until my freshman year in college. When I say huge, it was really big. Kuya Ojie and this guy have been really close ever since and he is even close to my mom until now. He brought his girlfriend with him but the girl went home early. I didn't feel any bitterness or what but it's good to know that after all, he found the girl for him (I guess).

I had a picture of me with him and Kuya Ojie and it was really cool. After how many years of yearning of his picture, I got one already and this time, we were together in the picture and I sat beside him. Okay, to make things clear, I don't like him anymore and I'm so over him but seeing him once more is such a great feeling. It was kinda awkward though because he used to look at me for no reason. I even caught him taking a glimpse of me which made our eyes met. It was really uncomfortable. It was indeed a crazy yet wonderful feeling to see him again.

We had some picture taking before some of the guests went home. The party ended late and I didn't even remember it since I slept already.

April 22, 2008

My mom woke me up early in the morning because I made a promise to Reina, a cousin, that I will be accompanying her as she take her non-professional driver's license at LTO (which is apparently near to our place). We were with Daddy Carlo and good thing, he brought the car so we didn't have to commute going to the place.

When we arrived there, only few were there so I said to myself, it was good, because everyday, I used to see an immense number of people going in and out of LTO. She first took a Drug test near the place and it took us 30 minutes, I guess. Then, we went back and passed the applications and waited for her name to be called.

When she was called, we proceeded to the next station and I was really stupefied with the large number of people waiting for their names to be called. A lot of people was there and I didn't expect it. So, we waited until lunch break came. We decided to go home first and took our lunch. After lunch break, they (Daddy Carlo and Reina) went back and I decided not to go with them because I was so tired waiting and waiting for nothing.

Mommy, Ninang Chie, Camille and I went to Tutuban, 168 and Divisoria Mall for some reasons. Camille bought a new pair of pants because she'll be celebrating her birthday the next day. Ninang Chie and Mom were there to look for footwears that will be sent to US for Ninang Elsie. I was there for nothing, just to ease my boredom. Because being at home is somehow sickening. It was tiring yet fun.

April 23, 2008

Today is Camille's 10th Birthday and we didn't have any grand celebration. Nanay (my grandmother) cooked Spaghetti and Chicken for us. It was so delicious, as always. Her mom bought cake and ice cream. We had fun though it was just simple.

Our supposed party @ Alchemy was cancelled and was rescheduled to Friday. It was a better idea but I guess, I will fail to attend JL's birthday party on that same day. Too bad. Outing will be on Sunday and I'm pretty much excited.