Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You can never have the right person if you will never let go of the wrong one.

I've been doing the same routines everyday and it is so sickening. It is so boring here in the house. I barely go out and it sucks big time. That's what I hate about vacation eh, you've got to do the same stuffs and all. I miss Letran and the people I used to see there. Hay.

By the way, did I mention that my dad bought new stuffs for our personal computer and laptop? He bought keyboard, mouse, headset and webcam for my laptop. yey! New stuffs to use. I will also ask him to buy a wireless router so that the laptop and pc can access the internet all at the same time.

But good thing, Kuya Karl will be spending a week here in the Philippines. He is a cousin of mine who is residing in New York. The last time he went here was last November where he spent a two-week vacation. And since he enjoyed his stay here, he wants to come back. And another reason is that he'll be one of the secondary sponsors on his friend's wedding. It's good, you know because I know we'll be going out a lot.

Then, days after his arrival, his brother, Kuya Kenneth will be coming also to have a two-week vacation. I know how they missed the Philippines and us, of course because they have been living there for 10 years. The last time Kuya Kenneth went here was a long time ago and I even can't remember it. So, it's good to know that he'll be coming here.

Well, the two of them are really close to my mom and grandparents. My mom used to tell me that during the time that she was still single, she really took care of the two. They are her alaga. She used to walked them to school and even fetched them. They used to sleep beside my mom. My mom loves them so much and it's good to know that they feel the same way.

I remember when Kuya Karl arrived here last November, he first went to our house to see my mom and my grannies. He missed them a lot. I've seen a lot of hugs and even tears fell. It's good to see them reunite again. And now, I can't wait to see Kuya Kenneth because I haven't really seen him in person. I'm so excited to see them both.

Anyway, I used to kill my boredom by watching movies which I downloaded from the internet. After downloading it for four hours or more, I'm gonna watch it then delete it. I know it's a waste of time and energy but I'm so lazy going to Quiapo and buy lots of DVD there. Big big thanks to the internet. Aside from that, I used to watch It Started with a Kiss 2: They Kissed Again since I finished watching Gossip Girl. I just can't wait for the premiere again of Gossip Girl on the 21st of April.

Well, I have this idea in order for me to ease this boredom. Because it has been weeks since vacation started yet I feel this kind of feeling. I thought of studying, I mean, recalling my past lessons and try to understand all of those as much as possible. Because I'll be a graduating student this coming school year and after that, I'll be facing the real world and it may require me to apply all the knowledge that I have acquired during my four-year stay in Letran. It sounds scary but I know I have to face it. Only one year left and them I'm done with my student life. Waaaaaah. I don't want to think about it. I just don't want to end this life I'm living now. I love school and I love the people I used to meet there.