Monday, April 30, 2007

Pride is tasteless, colorless and sizeless. Yet it is the hardest thing to swallow.

this day started out fine by hearing the biggest sports news, i guess. defending champs Miami Heat were now out of the conference. they were beaten by the Chicago Bulls with a record of 4-0. watta sweep?! i'm not a Heat-hater nor a Bulls-fan but i just want to see Pistons in the Finals. Bulls will be facing my favorite, Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Semis and by this time, i'll be against the Bulls. wahaha :P but hey, it would be an exciting match-up since Chauncey and the rest of the boys will be up against their former teammate Ben Wallace. but i'm still a Pistons fan. Go Chauncey!!! on the other side, Phoenix Suns leads 3-1 against the Los Angeles Lakers and that's good. :D i'm looking forward to a 4-1.

anyway, my mom and i, together with my cousin went to Elcar's office near our place. we've talked about the Digital Package for my Debut. actually, i don't like the album included in the package but i had no choice eh coz the scratch-proof album is so expensive. and since it will be digitally shot, i decided that i'll do the layout for the pictures and let it be printed and compiled in an album. and i will end up with two albums at hand. another work for me. hay.

then we went to Tutuban and ate at Max's. i ordered my favorite Max's Chicken Burger. hehe ;P and of course, Ripe Mango Shake. yum! yum! we dropped buy at Robinson's Department Store to buy some stuffs then we were off. tomorrow, my mom and i will go to Binondo. okay. i'll expect it to be a tiring day.

and by the way, Maricis will be sent out of the house and i'm happy.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

There are six billion people, six billion souls and sometimes all you need is ONE. ~Peyton Sawyer

we attended a family gathering this evening because today's Elaze's 18th Birthday. :D it was actually a simple get-together of family and friends. we arrived there around 6pm and only few guests were there. her PSBA friends were already there and some friends from High School. since, we were hungry already, we took our Dinner na. yummy foods courtesy of Tita Liza, debutante's mom. Videoke Machine was rented for some entertainment.

we watched PBB there and everyone stopped from what they were doing because we were all curious about the fight between Maricris and Bea. Oh yeah! it was fun to watch. lol. seeing them fighting and shouting coz of Nel was really funny. haha :P no offensement but i think Maricris is crazy. actually, all of us were really irritated and pissed because of what she've done. i really don't understand her. now, we were curious about the Force Eviction thingy. and we're hoping that it would be Maricris. she's such a warfreak.

currently watching Isang Tanong: the Senatorial Forum. Sentaorial candidates were asked three questions (one from the host, second from the panelist and third from their co-candidates) and they were given time to answer the question. my jaw dropped with how Chiz Escudero answered the questions. he was so GREAT. i believe that if he will be elected as Senator, he will play a big part in the Senate. Go Chiz! i personally suggest that you vote Chiz as Senator. at least, by campaigning him here in my blog will help him make it to the Senate, i guess because i'm still not allowed to vote. still underage.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A strong person is not the one who doesn't cry, but the one who knows how to be quiet, sheds a tear for a moment, then picks up his sword and fights again.

Okay. today is my rest day because we didn't go out except that we attended an anticipated mass at 6pm. i woke up early and i realized that i had a very good sleep because last night wasn't hot at all and i'm so thankful. i woke up at 8am because my mom woke me up because of a text message. but then, i stayed on my bed for about 15 minutes. after i had my breakfast, i decided to open my PC and went online.

i'm into diet nowadys. actually, i really don't eat a lot, especially rice. i only eat rice during breakfast and the rest of the day will only be viand. this is part of the preparation for my Debut. lol. kidding aside, coz i feel that i'm gaining weight again and so, i decided to undergo diet again.

i missed the opportunity of seeing Eunice last Thursday because i forgot to text her nor visit her in her office. waaaah. i'm so st*pid. but we used to text each other this past two days. and one of our topics were BOYS. wahaha :P how i miss her?! she used to make me laugh. she has lots of kalokohan to share kasi eh. i miss Dyei too. i wasn't able to see her last Thursday too coz she enrolled in the morning while i enrolled in the afternoon. see you guys on June 5 and i'll make sure that we'll see each other na.

this week will be a busy week for me. tomorrow, we'll be attending a family gathering at Novaliches. on Monday, my mom and i will go to Elcar's office to talk about their package on Photo/Video Coverage. on Tuesday, my mom and i will go to Binondo to buy stuffs for my dad and to check for some cakes at Red Ribbon. on Wednesday, i still don't know and on Thursday, we'll be having our check-up. hectic, ayt?

Miami Heat is almost out of the game. lol. Chicago Bulls is really good for defeating the Heat three games in a row and i'm proud. but i'm not a Bulls fan but hey, defeating the defending champs three times in a row is great. at least, the Championship spot will be vacant already. haha :P i'm so happy with how Detroit Pistons played their last three games. i hope it will continue until they grab the championship crown again. Go Pistons!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life is like taking our photograph. We often pose for what we want to see and be seen. But sometimes, by taking stolen shots, we capture who we really are.

so, today's our Enrollment and i was late. haha :p no, actually, my friends went to the Colegio around 9am while me? 12.30nn. but the offices were still close then so, i waited for a couple of minutes. good thing, my very lovable guy friends were there waiting for me. yeah, i texted them to wait for me and they did. how sweet?! i was touched. while my mom and i were walking towards the Colegio, this guy caught my attention. well, he's my crush but lower batch. hello?? he is so godd*mn Gorgeous. wahaha :P i had some sort of kulitan with my guy friends namely Niko, Marco, JL, Gian and Ian.

the offices were not yet opened and so, i didn't fall in line but the lines were getting longer and longer. but since, the guard asked the students to fall in line properly and they were asked to moved to our place, i became part of the line and take note, i was almost in front of the line. haha :P too lucky. well, in front of me was my crush, you know, the gorgeous guy i'm talking. behind me were Paul and Kath. Joanne was there too but she claimed her RAF earlier than us. the boys then bid goodbye. after claiming my RAF, i paid the TF and i was surprised because i was really expecting that it will be 70k but hey, it was only 59k but i only paid 52k and the rest will be paid on June 5 since Joanne and i need to add one more subject because we failed to add it during On-Line Enrollment.

that was a bit tiring and so my mom and i went to SM Manila to have some snacks. we went to Max's and i found out that a former classmate of mine is working there as a waiter. Laurence is his name. he is an Engineering student in Adamson. we had free Nido soups from him. haha :P

supposedly, we'll be having our respective check-ups tomorrow but because the doctor isn't around, it was moved to May 2.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just because lips have met doesn't mean hearts have joined. And just because two bodies are drawn to each other doesn't mean two people are right for each other. A physical relationship doesn't equal love. ~Josh Harris

yesterday was Camille's 9th birthday but we didn't have any celebration at all, we just had a simple gathering. i woke up at 5am yesterday coz we attended mass for Camille's birthday. i, with my mom, bro and the birthday girl attended a 6am mass at Immaculate Conception Parish. after the mass, we headed off to Puregold to eat breakfast at Jollibee but since the mass ended early, we waited for about 10-15 minutes for the Jollibee to opened. we took our breakfast there and it was around 8am when we headed back home. and since, i was a bit sleepy that time for waking up to early, to think that i slept late at night the other day, and so, i slept again.

i woke up around 9.30am and helped my Lola in cooking our Lunch. i was the one who sliced-slash-cut the vegetables needed. after that, i felt my right hand aching. haha ;D coz the vegetables were a bit hard. then, we took our Lunch. Camille's parents then came with a big cake. the funny whing was the cake fell upside down and when we took a glance on it and everything was a mess. wahaha :P

after having our lunch, i helped my Lola in cooking the Spaghetti and the Barbeque but not the grilled one. i cut the hotdog into pieces and watched my Lola in cooking the everyone's favorite dish. after that, my mom and i went to Puregold to buy some stuffs and we dropped by Jollibee again. i tried Choco Jelly and it was so yummy. it was like McFloat but Choco Jelly doesn't have any softdrinks. but all in all, it was so delicious. :D

before we had our Dinner, Kuya Pau and i went to Puregold to buy ice cream. since we only had 350php in our pocket, we just bought a Nestle ice cream without a free cone. so, i can say that my Monday was such a tiring day.


Friday, April 20, 2007

My daddy used to tell me that the first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever and no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away. ~The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks

just this morning, i woke up early just to check the schedule for this coming semester. unfortunately, it is by specialization. no Dyei and Eunice in my major subjects. how sad?! well, we have different specializations. i, Joanne and Kath chose MCSE while Dyei chose MCSD and Eunice chose MCDBA. Joanne and i have the same schedule in all the subjects. we will meet Dyei during Theo since we're classmates in that subject and Eunice on Literature. Kath will be our classmate in all subjects except Theology. Joanne and i decided to get Dyei's sched in Theo so we could be with her. but the sad thing is, during Tuesday and Thursday, we will not be having any breaks even a minute or two. but our dimissal will be earlier than theirs. our sched for Monday and Wednesday is from 10:30am up to 6:pm and on Tuesday and Thrusday is from 9:00am up to 3pm with no breaks.

actually, i don't have any problem with the schedule, OUR PROBLEM IS OUR VERY HUGE TUITION FEE. according to my source, it'll be 70k but as i computed it this morning, it is only 62k. but hey, it is still big. i don't know where the hell in this world my dad would find that amount of money. how i really wish that i'm part of the DL so there will be a discount on the TF but right now, i have this vibes that i'm not part of it but i hope my vibes are wrong. i want to cry because i'm putting so much pressure on my parents especially on my dad because after this ever-annoying tuition, the next will be my Debut. actually, my dad asked me only once and then i said i really want to have a celebration and after that, he didn't ask me again but if he asked me again, i would really consider cancelling it and just ask money from them.

i don't know how to feel. all i can do is to study hard in return of all the hardworks of my dad. my mind been arguing if i'm going to have a celebration or not. but hello?? we can't cancel it anymore since we already paid Patio Ibarra 10k as reservation fee and it is non-refundable. so, if i'm going to cancel it, its like we have thrown a huge amount of money for nothing.

i'm really hoping that my tuition fee will be less than 65k and also i'm praying and wishing that i'll be part of the DL for me to avail the discount. 80% off on the TF will be a big help to us. please pray for me guys. i really need it now.

tomorrow's our On-Line Enrollment and i really need to wake up early coz it'll be first come, first serve. got to go. Good Night!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.

my mom and i, together with Camille went to Divisoria yesterday to check for some souvenirs. the heat of the sun was really painful. gosh, it was so smarting. my mom and i saw a very cute lady figurine but it was quite expensive but hopefully, when we decided to buy it na, the price will be lessened. then, we walked again to see if there was something unique in there but unfortunately, i wasn't able to see a good one.

we headed to Tutuban and had some snacks at Chowking. i ordered a petite Halo-Halo. wow! it was so refreshing. actually, i was really craving for it ever since. then, we went to the studio to ask for their packages and we decided to have a photo-shoot next month or the next two months. we're still unsure coz i guess its too early but come to think of it, five months is not a long priod of time. coz for sure, when classes begin, everything will be going fast. we went to Watsons to buy a hand cream. i was supposed to buy a Watsons hand cream but i ended up buying a Nivea hand cream. i was kinda pissed off with their sales man. then, we went off.

haay. it was so tiring. we haven't checked of the specialty papers needed for the invites. maybe, next week. by the way, they're planning to go to MOA on Saturday. woah!!! that will be great. malling again. hehe :P

Monday, April 16, 2007

Every experience brings out something good. Good times become good memories, bad times become good lessons. You never lose, you only gain from life.

just want to greet THINE ICED a Belated Happy Monthsary. waaaaah. i really forgot it. i'm so sorry. i am supposed to greet you last April 14 but i didn't remember it. i'm so sorry. actually, i used to forgot our Monthsary and i don't know why. i still remember when we still have classes, someone should really remind me that hey, its the 14th of the month, its our monthsary. sorry again.

i've been very busy creating Audio Visual Presentation and it isn't done yet. i need a lot of pics pa. shocks!!! i thought it would be easy coz i used to do PPT before for my reports but i was wrong. it is still a bit difficult.

Happy Birthday Ninong Celso!!!
Belated Happy Monthary Thine Iced!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. ~Henry David Thoreau

my mom and i went shopping this afternoon. since it's 3-day sale at SM San Lazaro, there were lots of people there. my gosh. i felt dizzy after strolling in the mall coz all i can see were just people and people. we first went to Bayo coz as what i had posted on my previous entry, i am really eyeing for this cute Bermuda Short but unfortunately, it wasn't available na but good thing, i saw another one which i find cute and my mom likes it too. i just noticed that people in this country aren't poor at all. i mean, they are saying that they have no many for this and that but for shopping, they have lots of it. hello?? i saw most of them buying almost all of the products of the botique. how funny?!

anyway, after paying for the shorts that i bought, my mom and i decided to stroll. we checked for the step-in i saw at SO! Fab and unluckily, it was already out of stocks so i looked for another and i saw one but my mom didn't want it for me coz according to her, i used to buy so many shoes and sandals but i won't used it naman. we strolled again coz i was looking for a tunic top but i haven't seen a good one. we've been walking for about an hour and a half with lots of people around us. i really felt dizzy. since i really like the step-in, my mom still bought it for me. yey!!! then, we bought Pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut then we were off.

hmp. this day is really tiring for me. my legs are aching and a bit of headache. but nevertheless, i really enjoyed the bonding time my mom and i had. yeah, we both love shopping.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Although we naturally enjoy laughter more than tears, we have to accept that most of the learnings we gained along the way, we owed to the sad times.

i watched HomeBoy a while ago because SpongeCola was there. yeah, i'm an avid fan of the band and i got a huge crush on Yael Yuzon. haha :p together with them were the other Universal Records artists such as Kamikazee, Orange and Lemons, Itchyworms, Imago, Top Suzara and Mom's Cake. i don't know if i forgot something. but anyway, i was laughing out loud on the game part of the show. some of the members were grouped into two then a word will be given to them and they have to think of a song with that word on it. first was Pag-Ibig wherein all of them had it correctly. Second was Halik. Peter, Mom's Cake vocalist sang like this: "muling iHALIK ang tamis ng pag-ibig" haha :P everyone was laughing coz of it. then, the last word was Babae and he again sang like this: "i'm a BABAE in a barbie world." he was so funny. Boy Abunda was really laughing. until now, i still can't get over it. haha :P

by the way, SpongeCola is the cover of this month's issue of Myx Mag and i really wanna grab a copy of it. but i don't know where. haha :D but hopefully, i could buy one.

guys, i've been into Sudoku these past few days. finally, i had accomplished one this morning. that was my very first time. i find it hard to complete the boxes but it's a fulfillment when you already finished one.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

For those who say that we are too young to be in love, let me just say: hell you can drive at 16, go to war at 18, you can drink at 21 and retire at 65. So how old do you have to be before you know love is real? ~One Tree Hill

i don't know why all of a sudden, i became addicted to color Green. yeah, it is very visible on my layout. hehe :D maybe, i find it pleasing to the eyes, very cold and fresh. aside from that, it can be paired to color Pink which is my real favorite color. just last year, before my 17th birthday, i bought a green skirt and a white top which has something green in it. then, i also bought a green Havaianas flip-flops. that's why on my upcoming Debut, i chose Green and Pink as my motif. cool, ayt? :P

anyway, just last year, i've been addicted to Havaianas. i remember those times that i actually encouraged my dad to buy me one but he didn't like it. instead of buying me a pair of Havaianas, he bought me a pair of Nike slippers but i like it too since it is more expensive than Havs. haha :P but because, i was really into it, i decided to buy one as my birthday gift for myself. i bought a Green Hibisco. before vacation began, i was really eyeing for this Slim season Havaianas but until now, i haven't bought it. haha :D but its okay because i learned another brand of slippers which is a counterpart of Havaianas, i guess. but this flip-flops originated in Brazil also. it is called Ipanema. i'm actually planning to buy one but i don't know where. the designs are better than Havs and i think, for a change, i might buy Ipanema.

whatta non sense post?! haha :D ahm. that's all for now.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

The secret to a happy and long lasting relationship is to make your special someone fall in love with you each and every single day. For a love is not a noun to be defined but a verb to be acted upon.

i decided to change the layout again. i'll be using my previous layout when classes begin or when summer ends. but anyway, the theme is Summer. featured in my layout are the pics of my blockmates when we had our outing last March. i've been into Photoshop these past few weeks and i love it. i want to master it. hehe :P i've been doing so many things and i really don't know what to go first. it is never easy and will never be easy preparing for the things needed for an event.

i wanna go out. i wanna go malling. the weather is too HOT for me. my problem is money. haha :P of course, if i go malling, i wanna buy something. and when i visited the mall last week, i saw a pair of Bermuda Shorts and i'm really eyeing for it. hopefully, i could buy it by next week. and another thing, i saw a top at Penshoppe and i really wanna buy it too. that's why, i really need some money by now.

that's all for now. can't think of a good post because my day isn't that poductive, you know.


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Love is not enough to make someone yours, you need someone who's gonna be there for you all the time, someone who would treat you better, who could see you true, soemone who could say goodbye but still be there for you.

last night, Kuya Jen and Ate Alex picked us up at SM San Lazaro to check the venue for my Debut and at the same time, pay for the reservation fee. we went first at Plaza Ibarra at Timog Avenue coz Kuya Jen thought that all of the venues for Ibarra are only in one place. the receptionist let us see the venue and it was really beautiful but the budget isn't enough for it. the rental fee for the venue is 30,000 excluding the food. so, it is really expensive. then, we headed off at the Quezon Avenue to see Patio Ibarra. my problem with Patio Ibarra is the parking space. since, it is located beside Tong Yang, parking is of course, not easy. actually, their parking space is too small to occupy my guests, i guess. but anyway, we went inside and talked with the girl named Rovee. she's super nice. the biggest function room was already booked for September 8 and so, we just booked the other two function rooms. but if ever my guests don't exceed 140, we will only use the Thymes Function Room. we paid for the reservation fee and talked regarding the Amenities. after that, we went off and took our dinner at Everything at Steak.

Food Tasting will be done when we already paid the 50% of the entire payment. i guess, i'll be busy these coming days. of course, i need to finalize everything before the classes starts again. i have to set aside everything when class begin because i want to concentrate on my studies since i'll be having six majors. i have so many things to do.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The most romantic thing in this world is when you have that truly honest moment with the person you love and you can literally see yourself growing together.

i still can't get over with some scenes in Princess Hours last night. waaaah. the Kiss. haha :D it really made me kilig to the bones. hehe :D its ending is fast approaching so i have to make sure that i watch all of its episodes. Prince Gian is a way better actor than Troy who forced himself to cry even though nothing falls from his eyes. haha :D peace men.

anyway, its Holy Week-slash-Lenten Season. i think the best thing to do now is to pray. we should give most of our time to Jesus. this will be a time for realization and repentance. i guess, we have to realize all the wrong doings we've done before not only to Jesus but also to the people around us and we may ask for forgiveness for all the bad things we did. coz for sure, how heavy our sins are, Jesus will surely forgive us as long as we are sincere about it. just Pray. Thank Him for everything, realize the wrong things we've done and ask for forgiveness. those are the things that we can only do as a return for all the pains and sufferings Jesus had experienced for our sake.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

can you reason out with love? if you could, then that's not love your feeling, its love that you're thinking of. you can give all the possible reasons for loving someone and you can also give reasons in the world to fall out of love.

this day is so tiring for me. my mom woke me up with a good news. she already found the stylus of my Windows Mobile. yey!!! hehe :D then, i slept again. haha :P at around 8.30am, Daddy Carlo woke me up AGAIN because Tito Bobby and Tita Amy were here in the house. Tito Bobby's a friend of my dad in Saudi which in turn, became a family friend. i took my breakfast with them. i also received the stylus from my dad coz i thought i lose it. yeah, i lose it but my mom found it just this morning. so, i have two stylus by now.

since, it is very hot now. my mom decided to go to Tutuban with Cha-cha. we just strolled there. she bought me a pair of earrings from the newest accessories shop there. afterwards, we decided to go home. we had some rest then decided to go to SM San Lazaro. when Daddy Cesar had already arrived, he and Cha went to Storyland to have some fun while me and my mom strolled again. i looked for a Bermuda shorts in Penshoppe, Bayo and Guess and a top from Penshoppe. as soon as i received my money from mom, i'll buy the shorts and top i saw there.

good thing, this day isn't that boring for me coz i was able to go out of this boring house. hehe ;D tomorrow, for sure, will be another boring day for me.