Saturday, April 14, 2007

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. ~Henry David Thoreau

my mom and i went shopping this afternoon. since it's 3-day sale at SM San Lazaro, there were lots of people there. my gosh. i felt dizzy after strolling in the mall coz all i can see were just people and people. we first went to Bayo coz as what i had posted on my previous entry, i am really eyeing for this cute Bermuda Short but unfortunately, it wasn't available na but good thing, i saw another one which i find cute and my mom likes it too. i just noticed that people in this country aren't poor at all. i mean, they are saying that they have no many for this and that but for shopping, they have lots of it. hello?? i saw most of them buying almost all of the products of the botique. how funny?!

anyway, after paying for the shorts that i bought, my mom and i decided to stroll. we checked for the step-in i saw at SO! Fab and unluckily, it was already out of stocks so i looked for another and i saw one but my mom didn't want it for me coz according to her, i used to buy so many shoes and sandals but i won't used it naman. we strolled again coz i was looking for a tunic top but i haven't seen a good one. we've been walking for about an hour and a half with lots of people around us. i really felt dizzy. since i really like the step-in, my mom still bought it for me. yey!!! then, we bought Pizza courtesy of Pizza Hut then we were off.

hmp. this day is really tiring for me. my legs are aching and a bit of headache. but nevertheless, i really enjoyed the bonding time my mom and i had. yeah, we both love shopping.