Sunday, April 29, 2007

There are six billion people, six billion souls and sometimes all you need is ONE. ~Peyton Sawyer

we attended a family gathering this evening because today's Elaze's 18th Birthday. :D it was actually a simple get-together of family and friends. we arrived there around 6pm and only few guests were there. her PSBA friends were already there and some friends from High School. since, we were hungry already, we took our Dinner na. yummy foods courtesy of Tita Liza, debutante's mom. Videoke Machine was rented for some entertainment.

we watched PBB there and everyone stopped from what they were doing because we were all curious about the fight between Maricris and Bea. Oh yeah! it was fun to watch. lol. seeing them fighting and shouting coz of Nel was really funny. haha :P no offensement but i think Maricris is crazy. actually, all of us were really irritated and pissed because of what she've done. i really don't understand her. now, we were curious about the Force Eviction thingy. and we're hoping that it would be Maricris. she's such a warfreak.

currently watching Isang Tanong: the Senatorial Forum. Sentaorial candidates were asked three questions (one from the host, second from the panelist and third from their co-candidates) and they were given time to answer the question. my jaw dropped with how Chiz Escudero answered the questions. he was so GREAT. i believe that if he will be elected as Senator, he will play a big part in the Senate. Go Chiz! i personally suggest that you vote Chiz as Senator. at least, by campaigning him here in my blog will help him make it to the Senate, i guess because i'm still not allowed to vote. still underage.