Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life is like taking our photograph. We often pose for what we want to see and be seen. But sometimes, by taking stolen shots, we capture who we really are.

so, today's our Enrollment and i was late. haha :p no, actually, my friends went to the Colegio around 9am while me? 12.30nn. but the offices were still close then so, i waited for a couple of minutes. good thing, my very lovable guy friends were there waiting for me. yeah, i texted them to wait for me and they did. how sweet?! i was touched. while my mom and i were walking towards the Colegio, this guy caught my attention. well, he's my crush but lower batch. hello?? he is so godd*mn Gorgeous. wahaha :P i had some sort of kulitan with my guy friends namely Niko, Marco, JL, Gian and Ian.

the offices were not yet opened and so, i didn't fall in line but the lines were getting longer and longer. but since, the guard asked the students to fall in line properly and they were asked to moved to our place, i became part of the line and take note, i was almost in front of the line. haha :P too lucky. well, in front of me was my crush, you know, the gorgeous guy i'm talking. behind me were Paul and Kath. Joanne was there too but she claimed her RAF earlier than us. the boys then bid goodbye. after claiming my RAF, i paid the TF and i was surprised because i was really expecting that it will be 70k but hey, it was only 59k but i only paid 52k and the rest will be paid on June 5 since Joanne and i need to add one more subject because we failed to add it during On-Line Enrollment.

that was a bit tiring and so my mom and i went to SM Manila to have some snacks. we went to Max's and i found out that a former classmate of mine is working there as a waiter. Laurence is his name. he is an Engineering student in Adamson. we had free Nido soups from him. haha :P

supposedly, we'll be having our respective check-ups tomorrow but because the doctor isn't around, it was moved to May 2.