Friday, April 20, 2007

My daddy used to tell me that the first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever and no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away. ~The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks

just this morning, i woke up early just to check the schedule for this coming semester. unfortunately, it is by specialization. no Dyei and Eunice in my major subjects. how sad?! well, we have different specializations. i, Joanne and Kath chose MCSE while Dyei chose MCSD and Eunice chose MCDBA. Joanne and i have the same schedule in all the subjects. we will meet Dyei during Theo since we're classmates in that subject and Eunice on Literature. Kath will be our classmate in all subjects except Theology. Joanne and i decided to get Dyei's sched in Theo so we could be with her. but the sad thing is, during Tuesday and Thursday, we will not be having any breaks even a minute or two. but our dimissal will be earlier than theirs. our sched for Monday and Wednesday is from 10:30am up to 6:pm and on Tuesday and Thrusday is from 9:00am up to 3pm with no breaks.

actually, i don't have any problem with the schedule, OUR PROBLEM IS OUR VERY HUGE TUITION FEE. according to my source, it'll be 70k but as i computed it this morning, it is only 62k. but hey, it is still big. i don't know where the hell in this world my dad would find that amount of money. how i really wish that i'm part of the DL so there will be a discount on the TF but right now, i have this vibes that i'm not part of it but i hope my vibes are wrong. i want to cry because i'm putting so much pressure on my parents especially on my dad because after this ever-annoying tuition, the next will be my Debut. actually, my dad asked me only once and then i said i really want to have a celebration and after that, he didn't ask me again but if he asked me again, i would really consider cancelling it and just ask money from them.

i don't know how to feel. all i can do is to study hard in return of all the hardworks of my dad. my mind been arguing if i'm going to have a celebration or not. but hello?? we can't cancel it anymore since we already paid Patio Ibarra 10k as reservation fee and it is non-refundable. so, if i'm going to cancel it, its like we have thrown a huge amount of money for nothing.

i'm really hoping that my tuition fee will be less than 65k and also i'm praying and wishing that i'll be part of the DL for me to avail the discount. 80% off on the TF will be a big help to us. please pray for me guys. i really need it now.

tomorrow's our On-Line Enrollment and i really need to wake up early coz it'll be first come, first serve. got to go. Good Night!