Saturday, April 28, 2007

A strong person is not the one who doesn't cry, but the one who knows how to be quiet, sheds a tear for a moment, then picks up his sword and fights again.

Okay. today is my rest day because we didn't go out except that we attended an anticipated mass at 6pm. i woke up early and i realized that i had a very good sleep because last night wasn't hot at all and i'm so thankful. i woke up at 8am because my mom woke me up because of a text message. but then, i stayed on my bed for about 15 minutes. after i had my breakfast, i decided to open my PC and went online.

i'm into diet nowadys. actually, i really don't eat a lot, especially rice. i only eat rice during breakfast and the rest of the day will only be viand. this is part of the preparation for my Debut. lol. kidding aside, coz i feel that i'm gaining weight again and so, i decided to undergo diet again.

i missed the opportunity of seeing Eunice last Thursday because i forgot to text her nor visit her in her office. waaaah. i'm so st*pid. but we used to text each other this past two days. and one of our topics were BOYS. wahaha :P how i miss her?! she used to make me laugh. she has lots of kalokohan to share kasi eh. i miss Dyei too. i wasn't able to see her last Thursday too coz she enrolled in the morning while i enrolled in the afternoon. see you guys on June 5 and i'll make sure that we'll see each other na.

this week will be a busy week for me. tomorrow, we'll be attending a family gathering at Novaliches. on Monday, my mom and i will go to Elcar's office to talk about their package on Photo/Video Coverage. on Tuesday, my mom and i will go to Binondo to buy stuffs for my dad and to check for some cakes at Red Ribbon. on Wednesday, i still don't know and on Thursday, we'll be having our check-up. hectic, ayt?

Miami Heat is almost out of the game. lol. Chicago Bulls is really good for defeating the Heat three games in a row and i'm proud. but i'm not a Bulls fan but hey, defeating the defending champs three times in a row is great. at least, the Championship spot will be vacant already. haha :P i'm so happy with how Detroit Pistons played their last three games. i hope it will continue until they grab the championship crown again. Go Pistons!!!