Sunday, April 1, 2007

can you reason out with love? if you could, then that's not love your feeling, its love that you're thinking of. you can give all the possible reasons for loving someone and you can also give reasons in the world to fall out of love.

this day is so tiring for me. my mom woke me up with a good news. she already found the stylus of my Windows Mobile. yey!!! hehe :D then, i slept again. haha :P at around 8.30am, Daddy Carlo woke me up AGAIN because Tito Bobby and Tita Amy were here in the house. Tito Bobby's a friend of my dad in Saudi which in turn, became a family friend. i took my breakfast with them. i also received the stylus from my dad coz i thought i lose it. yeah, i lose it but my mom found it just this morning. so, i have two stylus by now.

since, it is very hot now. my mom decided to go to Tutuban with Cha-cha. we just strolled there. she bought me a pair of earrings from the newest accessories shop there. afterwards, we decided to go home. we had some rest then decided to go to SM San Lazaro. when Daddy Cesar had already arrived, he and Cha went to Storyland to have some fun while me and my mom strolled again. i looked for a Bermuda shorts in Penshoppe, Bayo and Guess and a top from Penshoppe. as soon as i received my money from mom, i'll buy the shorts and top i saw there.

good thing, this day isn't that boring for me coz i was able to go out of this boring house. hehe ;D tomorrow, for sure, will be another boring day for me.