Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Love is not enough to make someone yours, you need someone who's gonna be there for you all the time, someone who would treat you better, who could see you true, soemone who could say goodbye but still be there for you.

last night, Kuya Jen and Ate Alex picked us up at SM San Lazaro to check the venue for my Debut and at the same time, pay for the reservation fee. we went first at Plaza Ibarra at Timog Avenue coz Kuya Jen thought that all of the venues for Ibarra are only in one place. the receptionist let us see the venue and it was really beautiful but the budget isn't enough for it. the rental fee for the venue is 30,000 excluding the food. so, it is really expensive. then, we headed off at the Quezon Avenue to see Patio Ibarra. my problem with Patio Ibarra is the parking space. since, it is located beside Tong Yang, parking is of course, not easy. actually, their parking space is too small to occupy my guests, i guess. but anyway, we went inside and talked with the girl named Rovee. she's super nice. the biggest function room was already booked for September 8 and so, we just booked the other two function rooms. but if ever my guests don't exceed 140, we will only use the Thymes Function Room. we paid for the reservation fee and talked regarding the Amenities. after that, we went off and took our dinner at Everything at Steak.

Food Tasting will be done when we already paid the 50% of the entire payment. i guess, i'll be busy these coming days. of course, i need to finalize everything before the classes starts again. i have to set aside everything when class begin because i want to concentrate on my studies since i'll be having six majors. i have so many things to do.