Tuesday, April 10, 2007

For those who say that we are too young to be in love, let me just say: hell you can drive at 16, go to war at 18, you can drink at 21 and retire at 65. So how old do you have to be before you know love is real? ~One Tree Hill

i don't know why all of a sudden, i became addicted to color Green. yeah, it is very visible on my layout. hehe :D maybe, i find it pleasing to the eyes, very cold and fresh. aside from that, it can be paired to color Pink which is my real favorite color. just last year, before my 17th birthday, i bought a green skirt and a white top which has something green in it. then, i also bought a green Havaianas flip-flops. that's why on my upcoming Debut, i chose Green and Pink as my motif. cool, ayt? :P

anyway, just last year, i've been addicted to Havaianas. i remember those times that i actually encouraged my dad to buy me one but he didn't like it. instead of buying me a pair of Havaianas, he bought me a pair of Nike slippers but i like it too since it is more expensive than Havs. haha :P but because, i was really into it, i decided to buy one as my birthday gift for myself. i bought a Green Hibisco. before vacation began, i was really eyeing for this Slim season Havaianas but until now, i haven't bought it. haha :D but its okay because i learned another brand of slippers which is a counterpart of Havaianas, i guess. but this flip-flops originated in Brazil also. it is called Ipanema. i'm actually planning to buy one but i don't know where. the designs are better than Havs and i think, for a change, i might buy Ipanema.

whatta non sense post?! haha :D ahm. that's all for now.