Monday, April 30, 2007

Pride is tasteless, colorless and sizeless. Yet it is the hardest thing to swallow.

this day started out fine by hearing the biggest sports news, i guess. defending champs Miami Heat were now out of the conference. they were beaten by the Chicago Bulls with a record of 4-0. watta sweep?! i'm not a Heat-hater nor a Bulls-fan but i just want to see Pistons in the Finals. Bulls will be facing my favorite, Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Semis and by this time, i'll be against the Bulls. wahaha :P but hey, it would be an exciting match-up since Chauncey and the rest of the boys will be up against their former teammate Ben Wallace. but i'm still a Pistons fan. Go Chauncey!!! on the other side, Phoenix Suns leads 3-1 against the Los Angeles Lakers and that's good. :D i'm looking forward to a 4-1.

anyway, my mom and i, together with my cousin went to Elcar's office near our place. we've talked about the Digital Package for my Debut. actually, i don't like the album included in the package but i had no choice eh coz the scratch-proof album is so expensive. and since it will be digitally shot, i decided that i'll do the layout for the pictures and let it be printed and compiled in an album. and i will end up with two albums at hand. another work for me. hay.

then we went to Tutuban and ate at Max's. i ordered my favorite Max's Chicken Burger. hehe ;P and of course, Ripe Mango Shake. yum! yum! we dropped buy at Robinson's Department Store to buy some stuffs then we were off. tomorrow, my mom and i will go to Binondo. okay. i'll expect it to be a tiring day.

and by the way, Maricis will be sent out of the house and i'm happy.