Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.

my mom and i, together with Camille went to Divisoria yesterday to check for some souvenirs. the heat of the sun was really painful. gosh, it was so smarting. my mom and i saw a very cute lady figurine but it was quite expensive but hopefully, when we decided to buy it na, the price will be lessened. then, we walked again to see if there was something unique in there but unfortunately, i wasn't able to see a good one.

we headed to Tutuban and had some snacks at Chowking. i ordered a petite Halo-Halo. wow! it was so refreshing. actually, i was really craving for it ever since. then, we went to the studio to ask for their packages and we decided to have a photo-shoot next month or the next two months. we're still unsure coz i guess its too early but come to think of it, five months is not a long priod of time. coz for sure, when classes begin, everything will be going fast. we went to Watsons to buy a hand cream. i was supposed to buy a Watsons hand cream but i ended up buying a Nivea hand cream. i was kinda pissed off with their sales man. then, we went off.

haay. it was so tiring. we haven't checked of the specialty papers needed for the invites. maybe, next week. by the way, they're planning to go to MOA on Saturday. woah!!! that will be great. malling again. hehe :P