Thursday, April 12, 2007

Although we naturally enjoy laughter more than tears, we have to accept that most of the learnings we gained along the way, we owed to the sad times.

i watched HomeBoy a while ago because SpongeCola was there. yeah, i'm an avid fan of the band and i got a huge crush on Yael Yuzon. haha :p together with them were the other Universal Records artists such as Kamikazee, Orange and Lemons, Itchyworms, Imago, Top Suzara and Mom's Cake. i don't know if i forgot something. but anyway, i was laughing out loud on the game part of the show. some of the members were grouped into two then a word will be given to them and they have to think of a song with that word on it. first was Pag-Ibig wherein all of them had it correctly. Second was Halik. Peter, Mom's Cake vocalist sang like this: "muling iHALIK ang tamis ng pag-ibig" haha :P everyone was laughing coz of it. then, the last word was Babae and he again sang like this: "i'm a BABAE in a barbie world." he was so funny. Boy Abunda was really laughing. until now, i still can't get over it. haha :P

by the way, SpongeCola is the cover of this month's issue of Myx Mag and i really wanna grab a copy of it. but i don't know where. haha :D but hopefully, i could buy one.

guys, i've been into Sudoku these past few days. finally, i had accomplished one this morning. that was my very first time. i find it hard to complete the boxes but it's a fulfillment when you already finished one.