Saturday, April 12, 2008

I fell so hard for him. I did love him more than anyone else. And now, I want him to stay away from me.

I had a super tiring morning. There was an operation organized by the Chairman and his staff in our barangay. They didn't give a title to it so I called it as Operation Circumcision. haha :P Since my uncle is a Kagawad in our barangay, we have to help. Volunteers from Red Cross and from different colleges and universities came to help in the said operation.

Actually, I didn't volunteer myself to be part of it but they volunteered me. But don't get me wrong, I was just assigned as a secretary of some sort. I just wrote the medical prescriptions and some things that they should do so the wound will be easily healed. We also distributed medicines enough for three days. Together with me were Kuya Paulo and Ej.

An immense number of kids came to be part of the operation. And I must say that it was a huge success. The organizers only expected 60 kids but it exceeded. I admit, I was kinda annoyed because of their attitudes. But then, let's give it, they are just kids and it's normal for them to act that way.

In return, we received free lunch from the organizers. haha :P It was tiring, indeed. I have to give out several copies of the prescriptions, to think that it should only be handwritten. Then, the heat of the sun was so painful and the place was so noisy.

It was fun, though. It was such a nice experience for me and it's also a good feeling that I was able to take part of our community's program. Whenever I see those boys who have finished undergoing the process, I can't help but smile and laugh with the comments that the other boys used to give. They were so brave because even though they have already seen those boys who have undergone circumcision, you cannot see any nervousness on their faces. They were much excited about it, in fact.

Okay, I have seen a lot of, you know what I'm talking about. Actually, my cousin took pictures while the process was on-going. I'll just upload the pictures soon. And by the way, the people who were doing it were just students of the medical course. They have finished a four-year pre-med course and now they are on their first year of medical course. They are so young and yet, it looks like they have a lot of experience. I guess, medicine course is fun. But I have no plans of shifting. haha :P

The rest of the day, I was just staying in the house surfing the net and watching TV. Boredom.