Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just when you've moved on and thought you've finally gone far enough, something brings you to a touchstone and that's when you realize that love has a habit of coming back.

The Chillax Summer Getaway will push through but by this time, I'm not going to join them. There are more or less 15 people who will join the outing and only 10 of them are the real Chillax members. Everytime I think that I can't be with them, I feel a bit sad. Because, honestly, I wanna be with them and join them on our annual summer trip but I really can't. Actually, I don't have any problems at all since I already have saved money for it and my parents even allowed me to go but because neither Joanne nor Eunice will join, I will not also. Why? For the main reason that the trip will be more of a lovers trip. Well, most of them will be going in pairs and I don't have any. Who am I going to be with during our stay there? I know Kath will be joining but her boyfriend will be there also.

I gave them a very lame reason. I told Niko and Marco that my cousin's birthday will be on Friday (because it's an overnight outing and they will be leaving tomorrow) though it's true. But he will not have any celebration at all. Plus I don't want to get tan because I'll be attending a Debut party on Saturday. Niko was the one who kept on persuading me to join the outing and he even promised that he'll text my mom so that she'll allow me to go. And Marco, on the other hand, was the one who kept on pushing me to come with them and who never believed me that I don't have money for the trip. They kept on telling me how enjoying and fun it will be. I know how disappointed they were when they knew my final decision but I can't change it anymore. I know I'm gonna miss a lot of memories but what can I do? Plus I don't want to change my decision in just a snap because I know it ain't good. And right now, I'm feeling bad and I think I'm gonna be having cough and colds.

I just promised them that I will make it up to them next time. It is really hard to decide. Hay. But I hope I did the right thing. A promise is a promise so the next time that they will plan for a barkada trip, I have to go with them.

There will be an inuman on Friday afternoon till dawn. Yeah, I told you, on Friday is my cousin's birthday but he will not have any grand celebration, just a simple one. Then, I'll be attending a Debut Party on Saturday at somewhere in Intramuros. On Sunday, we're going to attend a Christening at somewhere in Ermita. Oh yeah! I'm busy this coming weekends.

Also, I'm planning of a reunion with my high school friends next week. But I haven't informed them about it. Hopefully, our schedules will fit so we could see each other once more and bond like we always do during our high school days. I missed them so much. I haven't seen them for quite a long time.

By the way, I have seen my grades already and I'm very much satisfied about it but not with the World Lit. It sucks big time! My grade just got lower as if I didn't attend the class during the final term, it isn't line of 7 though. I hate my professor for that. Well, all students who are taking that subject for this semester got low grades and I don't know why. Maybe because our grades have been pulled by the oh so difficult and bloody Final exam wherein we just guessed. But all in all, I'm pretty much satisfied with the outcome and how the second semester ended.