Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's not about having the perfect relationship, but it's finding someone who matches you and you'll go through everything without giving up.

This week is actually the very first school week for the year 2009. It started out not so good for me 'cause someone broke his promise of giving me something that I'm craving for since last year - Double Dutch.

Last Monday, I attended my OJT, of course. It was like any ordinary Monday for me. That same day, our professor for our 7:30pm class was not around. We didn’t know why. We were waiting for him to arrive but he didn’t. It was really nice to see my friends again after a two-week holiday vacation. We were sharing stories and watching something scary in YouTube. Kath gave us all choco lollies that she made especially for the crew. Chillax came one by one after attending their respective on-the-job trainings at Sampaloc, Ortigas and Makati. We were joking and laughing around.

As I stated in the first paragraph, I was quite annoyed ‘cause someone broke his promise. Well, I cannot remember when that promise was made but it was before New Year if I am not mistaken. We were chatting that night and I asked him to treat me since he was having a lot of sidelines as he told me. He agreed and that treat would be his holiday gift for me. I told him that Double Dutch will do. I am actually craving for that. It is my favorite ice cream flavor, by the way. It was all set.

But then, as the first school day for the year ’09 came, it seemed that he didn’t remember it and actually, up to now, I can’t see any Double Dutch, coming from him, in front of me. Well, it wasn’t really a big deal. I am always like that. I used to ask for something to be given on a certain day and yet I don’t usually ask that person about that thing when the day arrives. Let’s just say, I’m hesitant to. If he remembers, it’s good but if not, it’s okay for me. It wasn’t really a big deal, after all.

The entire Tuesday was spent in school, sharing stories, joking and laughing with friends. I missed that, really. We did nothing that day except for our Free Elective in which our professor discussed another lesson. Theology was like a vacant because after our professor checked the attendance, we just sat and talked with our seatmates. Our professor for the last class was absent. He is apparently the same professor in my 7:30pm class during Monday and Wednesday.

Wednesday was the last day of our OJT. Yey! We stayed in the office until 8pm and good thing, our professor was absent again. I don’t know what happened to him. After our duty, we finally went home.

And today, we stayed in Letran up to 7:30pm. I just watched Death Race with Niko using Joanne’s laptop. Cha, Jhen, Kath and Joanne were busy browsing and watching music videos in YouTube. And for the fourth time, our professor in our last subject was absent. He should really attend classes because we still don’t know up to now what would be the coverage of our midterm exams. And besides, I haven’t learned anything from him.

Tomorrow, we will still go to PNB for the completion of requirements. After that, we have a plan of unwinding and strolling at Mall of Asia. Next week would be our midterm week. We only have four sets of exams, 3 of which are major subjects. I hope to pass all of my subjects especially Free Elective.

Even though issues have not yet been settled, I am still happy. I still don’t know what would happen next and I am really worried on what’s bound to happen. He came back and yet, he started to drift away again. I don’t know what pushes him to be like that. And if time comes that I can’t welcome him anymore, he couldn’t blame me ‘cause I also get tired. But right now, I am happy with whatever is happening around. I am contented. It is just that I want all the issues to be settled before my graduation comes.