Thursday, December 21, 2006

just this afternoon, i received my PDA, no actually, its OUR PDA. Ej and i will be sharing with that PDA for the rest of our lives. no, just kidding. but its ours talaga. i need to make a schedule for it. together with the PDA is the CD/installer that i've been longing for. it is the installer of the Adobe Photoshop CS2. i'm excited to use it.

by the way, want some PERFUME?? you can buy to me. some perfumes are D&G, Tommy Girl, Lacoste and a lot more. don't worry, this is REAL. i'm not joking or anything. you can trust me. i just asked my dad about the price but he hasn't replied. i'll just update you about it. and i'll be taking pictures of it so you could see how big it is.

here's a shot of the PDA. it is ETEN G500
for full specifications, just click the link ETEN G500